an outrage

8 07 2016

Yes, it has been particularly silent from this space.  There is a great deal that has been happening, but often far too overwhelming to capture in mere words.  With time, the stories will emerge. 


But for today, there is an anger -  this is a prophetic rant.  So if that will put you off, stop reading now. 


My facebook feed this morning showed outrage from several influential American spiritual voices.  The racial violence involving police has become amazingly disturbing this past week.  There are many voices strongly against the turmoil. 

It is awful.  Alton Stirling. Philando Castille.  As of this writing, 5 police officers dead.  It is a tragedy and an outrage. 


I totally get that this is outrageous, and is an issue that needs to be resolved. 

Nobody does outrage quite like the Americans.


But I am looking for some outrage in this area of the world.  And I do not see it.  So I will stir it up. 

I just heard this week, that in the next town north from us, in the last short while, ELEVEN young people have taken their lives. 

STORUMAN is about 60km north from our town.  There  is a population of 2300 or so in this area.  and ELEVEN young people, between the ages of 16 and 24 have taken their lives in the last short while. 


But what strikes me as very strange is that around me I do not see the same level of emotional frustration as one sees in America.  Or in South Africa. 

I have been attending a Christian conference about 100km over from Storuman.  Granted, I have not been at every session, and I have not attended prayer sessions.  But I have not ONCE heard from the platform some from of righteous anger, or any voice at all, against this disaster. 

I had not heard about the devastation in this in my town from my circle of Christian friends.  Man, if this was among people from the other expat communities where I have lived, the lines would be buzzing. 

DSCN4744 (Small)


So I will express my outrage. 

I am outraged at an enemy that so lightly gets away with his lies, stealing and destroying of lives that are precious.  Each one of them. 


I am outraged that I have not prayed enough for the young people of Lappland, of our northern areas of Sweden. 

I am outraged that suicide is seen as the solution to take.  (This I express very empathetically because it is a challenge that I struggle with myself). 

I am outraged that so many precious young lives have been stolen without outright spiritual war being declared. 

I am outraged that young people from our town, from local places, have not already banded together and have spent time rallying people to go pray.  To make meals for families.  To join in the churches from that town, and pray, and weep, and mourn, and be the body of Christ that is called to bear one another’s burdens. 

I am outraged that it has taken so long for this news to get to me. Why are there not outraged facebook posts from people here?  It has taken seconds for the lines to spark in America.  But because it is suicide, because these issues are supposed to be more sensitive, it has taken weeks for the news to be heard.    If this had been spoken of earlier, there might well have been lives saved. 

So I speak now. 

I pray out, in Jesus’ mighty name, for an end to the spiritual forces raging in the town of Storuman, and I speak an end to every lie of the enemy.  I speak the TRUTH of hope, grace and mercy for every lie of death and hopelessness.  I speak out the grace, comfort and LOVE that there is in Jesus. 

DSCN4649 (Small)

May we be a voice for the voiceless, and make a way in the wilderness. 

DSCN4679 (Small)

Oh church of Sweden, please.  Take up the place that God has called you to, to be the BODY and the love that He longs to use to reach out to a world that is, literally, dying.