freedom to look again

8 04 2016

Perhaps it is just the slightest whisper of Spring in the air.

DSCN1136 (Small) Thick layers of white snow are revealing multiple shades of colours below, and there are a few suggestions of green grass, if you bend down and really take a look. 

Sometimes I just need to remind myself to stop and take a new look. 

The winter is vicious. 

That is really what it feels like to one from the fiery heat of Africa. 

Long months of darkness, layers and layers of clothing that take a while to get into, and out of, then into again, and out of again, cold that stings one’s cheeks. 

DSCN1147 (Small)

But, sometimes, I remember to look at where we live and truly relish it all. 

DSCN0920 (Small)

It is a world where little children and big children can caper on water for several months a year.

DSCN0992 (Small)

A world where white takes on a multitude of hues, and is valued simply for it not being grey.

DSCN1132 (2) (Small)

It is a world where being alone must gain new significance.  There is space to find a new depth, a new height and new value in silences and stillness.  

DSCN1162 (Small) This is not a world for wimps.  Although one may feel weak, and it seems like there are uncountable others who are broken all around; just going on through the Winter is a worthy accomplishment. 

And what we consider brokenness is perhaps not broken at all.  

Winter is necessarily a time of rest. 

DSCN0704 (Small)

What if we all really need to enter winter with gratitude and expectation? 

This 2016 world is increasingly full of busy.  Winter provides the chance to sit with a blanket over the knees, hot tea in hand and mull.

It gives a chance to consider things in new ways.

DSCN0128 (Small) 

And I have so appreciated a chance to look at this remarkable, almost-Polar world with new eyes. 

There are small details to relish. 

DSCN0373 (Small)

And the large vistas are just Oh, so magnificent. 

DSCN0380 (Small)

DSCN1147 (Small)

I must admit, while in the middle of the thick of winter and its darkness this way of thinking does not come easily. 

But when the melting has begun, when the gleams of sun are high enough to carry marginal heat; then thoughts begin to warm slightly too. 

And eyes lose the hard layers of ice of winter. 

DSCN1139 (Small)

It may be time to look with the eyes of Spring. 

Even if the Winter has been just about intolerable, it is necessary.  And the Light will yet come, with all its glory, and allow new ways of perceiving. 

DSCN0127 (Small)




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