what in all this mess?

22 12 2015

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We are struck with a sense of the complete brokenness of people here.  We went to the Second hand store and had cake and coffee, our treat once a week or so – going out to eat is luxury!    All over there are signs of buying and spending culture, but it does not bring joy. The shelves of the Second hand store are packed with objects  bought as  last year’s great Christmas designs, but they are out of fashion for this year. We hear of those who hate the loneliness of this season. DSCN9831 (Small)

   We stood behind people in the supermarket where they were reeling under the effect of alcohol, which is the go-to escape of choice here.    There are so very many broken people but they do not see it.

DSCN9884 (Small)

Then I have been so amazed at the thought that our amazing Saviour was EVERYTHING.  The Creator of everything, King of all majesty.  He came into all this mess of humanity, as one of US. In the most helpless state of all (that helplessness appeals to me right now, I feel like I can get nothing right).

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He came, not able to lift His own head.  Dependent on a young girl to clean His pee and poop.  He was not able to do a thing for himself as a person, for several years.  (Humans need to need each other!  We cannot be too independent that we repel the efforts of others). 

Jesus felt all the agonies we grow up with at all of our life stages. He *got* the frustrations of little ones forming identities.  He understands the frustrations of teenagers, caught somewhere between freedom and dependence.  This Saviour knows all the temptations we feel – He is not some cosmic being expecting obedience without knowing what that feels like.  And why He made it to work that way. 

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He was willing to do it all… for us.  The amazement and awe of One willing to do that for us… that grabs at my thoughts right now.   Into the mess of all the dirty, struggle, travels from a safe home to an unwelcome stable full of manure … He came. 

All the crap of this world now cannot disturb Him! 

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14 The Word became human and lived among us. We saw his glory. It was the glory that the Father shares with his only Son, a glory full of kindness and truth.  (John 1) 

DSCN9854 (Small)

We pray that in all the mess of your various questions right now, that you would SEE His glory.  The glory the Father shares with His Son.  A glory FULL of kindness and truth.  

We pray that your Christmas time would be a time when Jesus comes again, and again, and again into your messes.  May He bring His light and glory so that you would be convinced of His kindness to you, personally. 

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