time for some rearranging

21 11 2015

So, Yes, this world has turned crazy. 

How many times have you thought, in the last few weeks, “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore”?    I have.  Several times. 

IMG_3876 (Small)

If we look at what we can see it seems hopeless. 

These are also precisely the things that deepen my depression, usually. 


He is so so amazing and faithful. 

And I believe that this is what He is saying to those who would listen at this time: 

We can no longer depend on our own abilities, our own successes and plans. 

We can no longer trust people to sort things out. 

DSCN5934 (Small)

The word “idol” was rolling around in my head and heart for weeks. 

It came up again and again in Bible reading. 

What is this “idol”?  Cell phones? Money?  There are certainly several things that people have placed as Very Important in their lives.

Today, I think I get what the idol is, though. 


This world has focused attention so on what YOUR rights are, what YOU deserve, what YOU NEED. 

DSCN6090 (Small)

My heart BURNS for a casting down and destruction of this idol. 

And it seems to me like God is using these times to shake the belief in self. 

We need to place Him where He belongs. 

The Bible makes only ONE reference to a RIGHT we have as people: 

But to all who believed him and accepted him, he gave the right to become children of God. (John 1:12. NLT) 

What an amazing right that is!  We can be called CHILDREN of GOD!  


But we have no RIGHT to success, a roof over our heads, money in the bank, freedom, liberty and all the other things the world says we have a claim to seek. 

A lot of the teaching development one sees nowadays places children as the central focus.  Yes, we do want tot teach them in a meaningful way.  But right from the beginning of life, kids are being nicely instructed that THEY are the centre of the universe and deserve wonderful things. 


IMG_4180 (Small)

Just like an eclipse covers out the light of the sun with another sphere, so often we as humans come between the True Light and ourselves with lies of misplaced importance and what we deserve. 

People doubt GOD because He did not give them what they asked for.  People wonder if God is real because of what other people have done. 

God is not “un-Goded”  because of people.  In fact, His sovereignty is all the more dependable because it proves His unchanging, divine ways. 

We are looking at two completely different categories of being and we cannot try to understand God by comparing Him with what we as humans can fathom with our brains. 

DSCN5550 (Small)

My heart longs for people to turn from trusting in humanity to save us.  Humanity has never been able to save itself.  People cannot save other people. 

We need, and have, an unfathomable, immutable, massive, loving GOD for that. 

If the shaking in the world does anything, I pray that it would shake us loose from seeking hope from any human source.  Our selves, our governments, our friends, our investment policies:  These cannot be depended on in any way. 

The LORD has established His throne in the heavens;
            And His sovereignty rules over all.   (Psalm 103:19) DSCN5584 (Small)


Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only God, be honour and glory for ever and ever. Amen.  (1 Timothy 1:7  NIV) 




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