images that make me smile

30 08 2015

Mom says I love looking at the details.  It takes me a while longer on any hike or walk.  I stop to look at the little flowers, shades of colour on grass. 

So let me share a few photos that I have enjoyed taking the last while.  There is so much to enjoy looking at when you observe the details! 

DSCN8372 (Small)

DSCN8394 (Small)

DSCN8613 (Small)

DSCN8634 (Small)

Look at this detail on these leaves.  The droplets of dew all around the edges of this leaf, and just a few on the tiny little hairs on the surface of the leaf.  And a million diamonds in each droplet.  So much value sitting out on the grass every morning… how rich we are!

 DSCN8642 (Small)DSCN8639 (Small)

DSCN8629 (Small)

The school year started again for the students this week. 

An image I have had chasing through my spirit  for several months is of the people of God being His warrior bride. 

I loved one girl’s dress style on the first day of school and I think this will be my mental theme for the year…

DSCN8621bnw (Small)

Working boots with a bit of glitter.

.  Practical tights.  But the happy dress with lots of zing. 

There is joy in this life, while we battle wars all around us. 

May YOU see all the little details of joy God sends for you this week.

And may you be dressed ready for the battle AND the party! 

DSCN8620 (Small)




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