gold and diamonds

7 02 2015


Do you see it there?  In the same shot?  Just waiting to be relished for what it is?  Diamonds and gold in abundance…

I have been excited about all the diamonds here, but it only struck me yesterday, that we have gold too.  Can you see it?

DSCN6332 (Small)

Just the day before those trees were covered in snow.  This is just about 2 meters from the angle of the shot above, taken on Thursday:

IMG_4067 (Small)

Yes, it IS the same place.  We wanted to show you, especially our friends in Africa, how much snow has fallen recently.  There is well over a meter scraped up, and I reckon about a meter lying thick under the trees. Our car IS trying hard to camouflage into the background too.   And I have been loving this view, out of our kitchen window.  The snow hangs heavy on the branches, and if the sun shines the white is almost astonishing. 

DSCN6331 (Small)

But the view on Thurdsay morning, after a very windy night, was disappointing.  Until I really looked. 

You can see it better in the top picture, but it is clear in the picture here too. 

We had to be taken away from Africa,which supposedly brims with diamonds and gold;  away from Deon working as a geologist, for us to see how we are surrounded by diamonds and gold, even shining in the trees, and all around, if we will just see it.


About twenty or so years ago, a very valuable lady prophesied into my life that God saw me as a diamond.  And He would bring jewels into my life. As a beginning of that she gave me this ring, below.  This came just weeks after a painful engagement break up, and just a day after Valentine’s day.  (No joking.  I don’t know how many people get this kind of Valentine’s gift from the Holy Spirit??)but this came at a time that I really needed to know God in a fresh way, and He became my Constant Companion.   20150207_193612 

Not only did He give me flowers once in a while, but every single time I saw flowers they were from Him. He didn’t just take me out for dinner once in a while: His supply ensured that I had dinner, and breakfast, and lunch with Him every single day.  He would never drop me off at the door and go home.  He would be with me always.  The ring was a tangible reminder of a precious deepening of relationship that kept me strong and encouraged for several years. 

And diamonds have always been just that bit more special to me than other stones:  it is my birth stone, but God also showed me diamonds can be in so many places.  The glistening of water shimmering millions of diamonds.  Raindrops caught in a light. Often I would look up and say, *I know that was you. Thanks, God!*.

I got the chance to visit an abandoned diamond mine once with Deon. In the heat of the Northern Cape, some people were going through all the old tailings, looking for diamonds they may have missed in the first search. 

Peiserton, Zambia Aug10 364 (Small)

Peiserton, Zambia Aug10 365 (Small)

Peiserton, Zambia Aug10 388 (Small)

This re-investigation was time-consuming and tiresome.  The heat would definitely make the standing unpleasant and there were far, far more little stones than uncut diamonds.  It is probably the case that one might find only four or five diamonds in a day in this kind of search. 

Yet finding these few diamonds a day would make the search worthwhile. 

Moving from the heat of the past back to our sights up in the chilly northern reaches. 

IMG_4063 (Small)

On some days it seems like the diamonds just fall from the sky! 

We recently had a united prayer week for the town, and had several chances to pray at different churches across the town.  Deon was helping with sound, and I got to sit between a believer friend from Cameroon and a new friend from Eritrea, who has recently become a Christian.  My heart rejoiced, and the diamonds were falling, as we stood at the end and sang together. 

I saw the many times when I was doing Missions training  years ago in the Andrew Murray Centre in Wellington, South Africa.  I sat beneath a very large map of the world and spoke of all the countries I wanted to reach out to.  Eritrea was on the wishlist, and I have been concerned for Eritrea for a long time as it is one of the ten most difficult countries in the world in which to be a believer. But because of this difficulty it is not possible to enter the country.

10945746_10152643159349135_3380413142546524329_o (2)

So, God brings the Eritreans to the little rural town far away from any big places, and far away from hot African sunshine, to the same town as we are in in Sweden.  And He brings them to salvation here. And there are those who are praying with and discipling Eritreans here.  And a group of them are some of the most committed prayer people we have in the town, rising early in the morning to pray.  For this, their new secular home country.  For this town. For fellow countrymen to know the truth. For the rest of the world.

And I got to sing loudly, in praise, next to one of these powerhouses, and I grinned up at the One who had just given another diamond moment, and say thanks.

But other days it just feels like the slog, bending over a hot wagon full of stones and there do not seem to be any diamonds.  Or digging, with labourers shovel loads of sand, to find the next little bit of gold.  But we have to go through all of the dirt to eliminate it from the process, and to get to the next precious discovery.


The children at school can sometimes seem very unpolished, but I am reminded of the saying: A diamond in the rough is a diamond sure enough.  Perhaps there needs to be a bit more grinding, or a bit more polishing, but the diamond IS there.

And when you see only deep muddy trails around you, or piles of dirt:  the gold is available if you look for it.  But it does require one to look in new ways and there will always be a search.

And it takes time.

Then there are also the treasures to be discovered within the Word of God, as Eph 3:8 promises.  These are available to all, as Paul boasted of having the privilege of sharing these jewels with the Gentiles.

DSCN6326 (Small)

So when your expected view gets shaken, and what you were longing to see for a while is no longer there: look beneath the shaking.  Ask for God to show you the blessings He has.  and not everyday is a 4 or 5 diamond day.   Somedays you are preparing for the next day’s great discoveries.

But then there are days when it seems like the blessings fall from the skies, like diamonds.  IMG_4065 (Small)

























Then do not hesitate to stop, look up and say, “Thanks, God.  I know that was from you!”




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