getting really acquainted with this snow stuff

24 01 2015

Sorry for those who know this stuff and are tired of snow… but as Africans we still find this mass of white a novelty.

IMG_4024 (Small)IMG_4027 (Small)

So, yes.  We try to capture images of the snow as it is falling.    Especially on days when the flakes fall thick, quickly and pure white curtains from above.

IMG_4038 (Small)

and we try (without a macro lens) to grasp the delicate perfection of snow flakes.  The wonder at each magnificently formed sliver has not yet become humdrum for me.  Each of the millions of bits that fall down each day is unique, yet each is, like all others,  shaped like a star, tiny arms reaching out to grab other bits down on their journey to the earth.  And although they lie on the ground, walked over and crushed beneath vehicles, they glisten and glow. Each flake reveals that even when their job is done, and they lie pounded flat, they still reflect light and bring smiles to faces who are willing to look for the beauty and the light. 

DSCN6252 (Small)

DSCN6262 (Small)DSCN6303 (Small)

I still find the beautiful little wooden sheds, barns and stugas (small cottages) incredibly photogenic and almost each one simply begs to be snapped.

And then the snow continues to fall.  And lies thick on every surface.

DSCN6267 (Small)

But this does not stop people from going out and enjoying the outdoors!  Oh no!  We live in the kingdom of the Vikings.  And all here do as the Vikings do.

DSCN6259 (Small)DSCN6270 (Small)

Vikings  (even ones from the UK!) load up wheelbarrows with reindeer skins and axes, and some good coffee and cake.  Even some Marshmallow, as modern Vikings can seize at grocery stores…

DSCN6271 (Small)

And the Vikings make coffee from snow, melted over the fire. 

DSCN6277 (Small)DSCN6287 (Small)

DSCN6289 (Small)DSCN6282 (Small)

And they play a bit in the soft, loose powder snow and try to feel what it is that causes great joy in children seeking out the joy of playing in the snow over and over and over again. 

DSCN6275 (Small)

DSCN6269 (Small)

And there are smiles for all as we enjoy that we are such complex creatures… who have military style rucksacks, axes on the waist and camo flasks,  to bring our plush heart-friends along to sit on reindeer skins on a snowy day.

Another amazing feature Deon and I have been enjoying the last few weeks is spectacular ‘laser’ shows in the darkness. The crystals hanging in the air are caught in the beams of car lights and vertical beams move about in the darkness,  long thin spectres of gleam shining over the forests.

DSCN6315 (Small)

I don’t know if it was this phenomenon that caused an awesome spectacle yesterday:  The pure beam like a spotlight below the sun yesterday.  I like to think it is God’s pure glory coming down to remind us He reaches down to touch the earth with His grace.

IMG_4048 (Small)

Deon’s image from our house was even more captivating: the rainbow on the edge shining out promise along with the glory… just wow.

IMG_4051 (Small)

So, I apologise.  You will still be getting snowy photos in this blog for a while.  The amazing beauty has not yet bored us.  We don’t always enjoy having to dress in several layers, and the practicalities of living with it are not always fun.  But the beauty of this world, still so new to us,, fills us with joy, awe and wonder continually. 

IMG_4015 (2) (Small)




2 responses

27 01 2015
Lisa Roggeman

I’m still in awe of snow after 11 years, and I love it. Have you made snow ice cream yet?

27 01 2015

AAAH! That looks easy to make. I will have to try it! Thanks, Lisa!

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