the joy of sharing special spaces

6 01 2015

We had to get used to new spaces the last few years.  Often.  Between all the getting used to it is often fun.  We love finding that great coffee spot, the wonderful view of wild space that is ‘ours’ or commenting on how areas where we regularly move about change throughout the year. 

It has been sad not being able to share our spaces with family the last few years.  We often had to move just before a visit was possible.  BUT…

DSCN5820 (Small)


we just had a lovely time with my parents coming to visit us here in Vilhelmina!  Although my mom knows a good deal of Sweden, this little area was unfamiliar, and so we got to do some exploring together. 

DSCN5827 (Small)DSCN5834 (Small)

It was obviously interesting to feel new weather extremes together.  Walking on water (a bit iced up!)  is always a great  introduction to a cold world, for a sun loving African!  And we had a good amount of snow.  It went down to about –32Celcius while they were here, which was new for us too.  It feels a lot like –15 except that breathing in cold air goes straight to lungs and freezes any snot hovering in the nostrils immediately.

DSCN5860 (Small)

DSCN5848 (Small)

Mom had some great fun cow-moo-nicating with some bovine buddies.  We had to take my dad along to some friends who have ‘broon coos’, a favourite of my Scottish dad. 

DSCN5858 (Small)

Of course there were some really great family-building moments, that we cherish together…


This was at a gorgeous little chocolate maker in town… really brilliant chocolates and coffee on a cool day!

DSCN6137 (Small)DSCN6129 (Small)

One of Mom’s big wishes was to see the Northern lights.  WOW!  Did God delight in His children with special shows over the time they were here.  They got to see the lights 4 times!  One time was particularly remarkable, even making it to national Swedish news for the splendour of the show! 

IMG_3985 (Small)IMG_3989 (Small)

IMG_3991 (Small)

IMG_4000 (Small)IMG_3995 (Small)

IMG_4010 (Small)

We are stunned by the awesomeness of a great God each time we see Him giving us this showy gift. 

1-2 God’s glory is on tour in the skies,
God-craft on exhibit across the horizon.
Madame Day holds classes every morning,
Professor Night lectures each evening.
3-4 Their words aren’t heard,
their voices aren’t recorded,
But their silence fills the earth:
unspoken truth is spoken everywhere. (Psalm 19:1-4, The Message)

DSCN6171 (Small)

We had some very special moments over Christmas with Sandrew and other wonderful friends.  Retelling of snowmobile experiences, laughing together and talking were all such great moments! 


We did a long roadtrip down to our southern relatives.  It was fun to see new parts of the country and experience some more wonderful sunrises, as only the north of Sweden can deliver. 



DSCN6110 (Small)

Goodbyes are never fun, and 2 weeks went by far too quickly.  Now it is getting back to all the normal bits that make up life in Norrland!

DSCN6148 (Small)

So… if you haven’t read between the lines, here it is plainly: we love sharing our space with visitors!  We have a lot to show you and share with you, and life is not dull at all. Give us a bit of time to plan and we can do something great.  Pray for good Norrssken (northern lights) shows in the winter months, and you will get snowy scenes after December.  But we hear the summers are remarkably beautiful too…

DSCN6120 (Small)




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