a story about a trampoline

6 11 2014

God reminded me of this during the night.

And here we are, flinging arms wildly into the air of this new Swedish experience. And we are loving it.

I will try to do a fresh blog again on the weekend… it is a bit busy with our middle-of-the-trampoline life. But God is SOOOOOOO good.

Let me know if you are in a challenging ‘trampoline’ place right now.

wet and weeds and wildness

When I was small one of the things I longed for was a trampoline. There was one family that I remember having one. It was always such a treat to be able to jump, and I so wished that we could get a trampoline too.

Sport, movement and co-ordination were never my strong points. It was a moment of tremendous pride when I got that move right… jumping on feet– knees- bum – back to feet. What a star! That was about the best I could ever get right. I might have learned some other tricks had we had a trampoline of our own (they were so expensive in SA when I was small, so it never happened) but the wish was there.

I was struck by God’s sense of humour when we first came to look at this house in Bwiru. There stood a trampoline in our garden! I…

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