autumn. then suddenly it wasn’t.

18 10 2014

IMG_3677 (Medium)

We have been thrilling in the beauty of Autumn (see two posts back).  It has been thrilling to see the range of colours and especially the golden glow surrounding us.

IMG_3683 (Medium)IMG_3691 (Medium)

IMG_3700 (Medium)

Just look at the variety of beautiful sights we have been able to see every day.

IMG_3705 (Medium)

This is a view of the State church steps. Every. Single. Statechurch  in Sweden is beautiful… IMG_3708 (Medium)

IMG_3710 (Medium)

As good Africans, experienced in balmy climes and equatorial temperatures we knew one of our biggest challenges would be the cold. 

And it came suddenly. 

Snow arrived last week (at least ten cm of it)

IMG_3771 (Medium)

and since then it has been quite noticeable WINTER:

Yesterday morning the themometer read –11 deg (celcius). Hear that, our bushveld buddies, where it was about 42 deg C this time last year?  -11. 

IMG_3783 (Medium)

IMG_3767 (Medium) (2)IMG_3787 (Medium)

And suddenly everything is a totally different kind of beautiful.

Obviously, we are reacting like most equatorial Africans would react. With fright, complete overreaction and fear at having to drive through it all.

But the roads are cleared of snow early in the morning, our winter tyres are on, and we put on our big girl THERMAL undies (and big boy ones for Deon) and step out to enjoy it. 

IMG_3790 (Medium) (2)

This is our view from our lounge.  How blessed are we???

Right now we are watching as ice accumulates on the river more and more, and some lakes are almost frozen over in the area.

DSCN5314 (Medium)

We cannot help but be ‘kyk-daars’ in all this exquisite beauty.  We stop the car, pull out the camera, point in several directions at once, acting like complete tourists.  But just LOOK at this view…

DSCN5317 (2) (Medium)

Those mists… that colour… this was on the way to school on Friday. We turned the car, drove to get a good view and relished the gorgeous gifts we get to appreciate while we are here.

DSCN5324 (Medium)

So, while we expect to wake up to a white world again tomorrow, we share some of the experiences with you, in whatever climes you may find yourself.

IMG_3792 (Medium) (2)




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20 10 2014

Thank you so much for sharing the good side of your experience with such glorious visuals, Karen.

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