cool colourful creativity

1 06 2013

It has been warn and far too nice to encourage children to be indoors. So I have been taking art outdoors for the little ones the last few weeks.

This past week we used 2 kinds of ice: a chalky ice, and vinegar ice, to see how they would react and what we could make of them.

It was messy, but oh-so-tactile.  The children used artistic skills such as sculpture, colour blending, scratch art, drawing, drip art, placement to see what would evolve.

It was great to see interaction, enjoyment and experimentation.  Seeing which ice could melt fastest, make the most colourful blob, make the dirtiest hands, cause the fizziest reactions with baking soda left the children very excited.

Thank you to these sites for the great ideas: summer-fun-with-baking-soda-and-vinegar.html



The final artwork looked like this.  Messy, bright and exciting.

The older group (who are far more resistant to being in photographs, hence the limited snapping) are now beginning some colour theory and we began exploring the great joy of gesso this past week too.

It is so exciting to be  a part of the creative development of children and adults here in Mwanza. What a blessing!




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