ripe fields

23 05 2013

The rice is hanging heavy on the stalks.

Across from our house a glow of gold infuses our eyes with constant reminders: the harvest is ready.

Those who gather in rice here work incredibly hard to collect their food.  We can hear the groups early in the morning, when it is still reasonably cool, cutting off stalks and beating the heads against the ground, in big bunches, to set the grains free from their vegetative cocoons. 

I am so glad that I am not forced to work so hard for my food every day: the commitment and effort seems so extreme, and I realise huge blessings in my life every day.

And I am reminded of how the harvest, figuratively, is so ready. And we pray.

I am so grateful for our Monday group, who gather to pray for our city, for this nation, for the kingdom. We see evidence of answered prayers every week, which encourages us to persevere even when there is much opposition and difficulty.   We seek new souls and changed lives across the world.

(the nest in front was found in our boat, just as we were beginning to pray. New opportunities for growth are all around us!)

The last few weeks have been warm. The rains are over, and art with the younger ones can be restricting indoors so we have moved out for a while.

This week we did statue chalk art and the trampoline made this rather interesting! One  artist posed while the other drew the outline of the statue with chalk, and then the “posers” swapped out.

Then coloured chalk was drawn closer, and details were added.

Finished results were excellent examples of the absurdist movement in art.

I was also made to stand and model:

Isn’t the likeness remarkable?

The older group is showing some amazing progress. I love seeing how keen these young artists are and the talent they show. This week was about insects: big, carefully shaded and shaped.

Artclass insects

These artists are 9 to 12 years old, and I just love their keenness to do art. 

We are both enjoying the big blue skies, warmth (we deliberately avoid SA winter!) and have some rather exciting adventures coming up. We will let you know when we have a few more details, but the basic news is that we are going to fulfill a shared dream of living totally wild for a short while.   Scary, exciting, fun.




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