launching: a barge called marge

2 03 2013

The last few weeks have been rather busy. Deon was away, we have been working hard on getting the art studio going and everyday life here in Mwanza takes a lot more effort than living in a developed-world city. 

This week we have rejoiced when we have had electricity. A friend posted an article from Holland as the population is complaining that electricity outages increased from 23 minutes to 27 minutes for the whole of last year.  That would be delightful!  Our ‘suburb’ has had power out far longer than it was on for this week. I got excited when the power came on at about 6 this evening, but it has just gone out now again, about 1 1/2 hours later. The average has been power on for a short while between 6 and 8 in the morning, and then power off for the rest of the day, with a welcomed showing some time in the night again.  Of course, we learn to adjust. Up till now the situation was better than in Uganda so we do not have a generator.  That is being strongly reconsidered this week!  We run like crazy things to run the washing machine when there is power (friends talk of running the machine at midnight!). There is a bustle to get laptops and phones charged when we hear a humm of current through the house. We try not to open fridges when the power has been off for several hours, to keep the cold in.  And then when there has been a Tanesco reprieve for a few hours, we open the fridge doors and stare in wonder at the joy of a shining light!     TIA.

IT has been warm and sunny without a single rain shower in about 2 weeks.  This calls for serious pool parties!  What fun!

The pool water is swimmable throughout the year and there are a number of pools around town.  We need to find the cheapest, cleanest and most private one, and we think the Mwanza Sports Club offers a good place to swim. 

The biggest joy was getting Deon’s pet hobby launched yesterday. When Deon lived in Mwanza about 7 years ago he shared a boat with a friend.

We found the boat again, in need of much repair. After several months of deliberating, and then about 6 weeks of concerted effort from numerous hands, this boat hit the waves again yesterday!

She has been renamed  “Marge” (can you figure out why?), now has a roof for sun protection, and we are sharing her with a great family we have met here in town.

So, from the original removal of rotten planks, completely replacing some of the wood and floorboards, through to sealing her all over again and many visits to check on her progress… with lots of Deon’s own hard work put into her, especially getting her roof on and balanced well… it was a totally happy man who arrived at the unofficial launching yesterday.

About a month ago:

And the final product:

Then it was the struggle to get her onto the lake. It was clearly a situation of all hands on deck.

Bit by bit planks were laid in the path before her and she was pushed and pulled, tugged and shoved, to get her to the 35 meters from dry land to her new territory.

And then she was at the water’s edge!


And she was in!  All the workers who had been a part of building, painting, working on her for all these weeks, and now pushing her to the edge climbed in to their pride.

Engine was brought and fitted:

And then before we knew it:

She was full of bodies and was chugging away.

And the proud new owners stood watching from the shore in sheer disbelief!

Well, they did return, Deon assumed a positioned he has longed for in all the time I have known him.

Riding in HIS boat, on wide open waters, with all the freedom and fulfillment Deon finds in this.

We look forward to hosting friends and family to discover Lake Victoria with us. There is so much to learn around this beautiful part of God’s world, and Marge gives us a great opportunity to get out and see it all.

I just love seeing my man’s face with this kind of smile… winner!




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