Christmas holiday catchup

15 01 2013

I apologise for the long silence.  Real life has been happening, and several issues have hampered regular updates: no internet on the farm, busyness with events, too tired to post…

I will endeavour to post more regularly this year! 

We are back in Tanzania, after a 3 week or so break in SA.

It was great to meet Sandra, my new prospective sister-in-law and her family. All the typical SA Christmas happenings were part of the time:

Lots of fun in the sun,



With special sharing around gifts, good food and remembering the reason for it being Christmas too.

It is amazing what laughs a pack of stick on-moustaches bring!

We had a far quieter Christmas day with Deon’s mom and sister, and it was great to just be still.

I got to see my sister for the first time in about ten years and it was wonderful to see the path that she is on. She seems to have purpose, is useful where she is and God is at work in her heart. These are all wonderful to see.

We then zooted up through Kruger and spent a lot of time on Lissataba, just soaking up the sunsets, resting and enjoying being away from masses of people.


The heat in this part of the world, at this time of the year, is crazy. Any way of cooling down is considered:

Unfortunately, while we were away from our Mwanza home, our little Tuna puppy caught Parvo virus and passed on. We already miss her fun and spunk, and her momma mopes a lot for Tuna too.

Tuna 2-3 months

We are back in the made of life here in Mwanza.  It is wonderful to be back with our friends, and there are new challenges to live out this year… how exciting.

There are also some of the usual challenges: very mixed messages causing some confusion and laughter between the frustration (like getting J&B with tonic instead of Gilbeys and tonic.  It tastes like paraffin. There, I saved you from trying it out). Day long electricity-less  adventures, and the crazy driving we have come to expect in Tanzania. Also gorgeous laughter from my little friends, great walks with Tulip,  the Momma dog, and  the beauty of seeing Lake Victoria throughout the day.

From us, as we all look into 2013 and the unknowns, may it be a year filled with a certain knowing of Who holds you and walks with you each step of the way.


There is great encouragement in the verse that has been my mediation for the day, Psalm 94:19 (NKJV)

In the multitude of my anxieties within me,
Your comforts delight my soul.


May that be your experience at all times this year.




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