a new name for the month: morevember?

26 11 2012

Wow. What a month this has been.

We have been following the Thanksgiving tree as suggested by Ann Voskamp.



And… can you see it there on the right, one of the biggest praises for the month?


My funny little brother has found himself a wonderful girl, and she said that she will marry him!  Goodness!

We are laughing because I have not yet met Sandra but she is already special to me.  There are some gorgeous photos that a friend of theirs took, here: Flickr Engagement

and on facebook, here- facebook. Thank you, AnnaLena! You capture  Andrew and Sandra so well!

We both pray so much blessing on them and wish them strength. If you could pray for them too, please: they are leaving Sweden to work in SA for a bit, just Andrew does not have a job! Please pray for God to open doors that have been shut, for opportunities to be cleared and that they will both find favour as they move into new opportunities.

A move to new opportunities… here. We moved in around the end of the first week in Morevember.

Our new home in Bwiru, Mwanza. We can see Lake Victoria from our garden,

and are loving the environment around us.


And are grateful to have already made friends with several people who have become close within just a few months.

There are still a number of things that need to happen to make the house more homey, so I will not post pictures of the insides just yet.

We said farewell to Tunza’s amazing scenery

but not to our adoptive dogs, who are doing well in their own garden. They love barking at the passing goats and occasional Maasai with cattle, but are adapting quite well.

This is where we have spent most of this month. More writing, more hard work and more straining at grey matter than we have for a while!  I have been hard at work on my Nanonovel for this year, A pot of cold water in the morning. (see word cloud right)  It has been far more demanding than I expected, because I feel it is something that God wants to share. So the work is not silly or lighthearted but I have grappled with issues of culture, fitting in, abuse, and I am moving towards MC redemption. As of today I still need to write about 12 000 words to qualify , before Friday night.  

Deon has been working on several desktop studies and has enjoyed the challenge of an array of geological skills. 

The challenges have been more electrical cuts than wished for (the invertor on the left was purchased just as days of power outages came to an end… thanks, Murphy!) , more tooth infection than required, more getting-into-a-new-house-settling than I have wanted for this year.. but we hope to be here for a while now!

We know there is more work to do here than ever we thought possible (spiritually there is much prayer to be prayed. Please let me know if you are thinking of a prayer visit – we would be grateful for that!) , more friends than we have ever had as a couple and are making more each week, more space in this house than any other house I have lived in, more to be thankful for than ever.

Morevember.  If you look for more of God, He shows up faithfully every time.

More will follow in December…




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