back on Swahili planet

21 09 2012

That is it… Tanzania is not just another country, it feels like an entirely different planet! There is a great amount to tantalise the eyes: awesome colours, shapes, characters to behold.  And then the fact that things work so differently: Our rental car came standard with a broken bumper, shot brakepads, shredded fanbelt, battery leaking acid… and I think that was AFTER it was fixed by the  rental company!  So I get a chance to catch up from a hotel room in Arusha while the car gets put into a state good enough to tackle some of the bumpy park roads ahead of us.

We make every endevour to be positive about this trip, which is not always easy here, but we have seen some great things since arriving. A replacement  battery for my computer, for which we sought a replacement for about a month in SA… we walked to a little shop 100m from our hotel in dar es Salaam and found it there! First shop we tried.  The new company are taking good care of us and we feel more optimistic about this job than the last. Deon had a superb day out in the veld yesterday, with his geologists.  It was one of the days that he LOVED being a geologist: in vast open terrains, interesting sights to see, with rocks to keep him thinking.  Great. We also know people here already and are far more familiar with how things are done.  I had a lovely lunch with Anita, a Swedish family friend while in Dar. Blessing times.

Some album moments:

There was a lovely terrace restaurant on our hotel roof (Holiday Inn, Dar). Pleasant atmosphere, lovely night sites over Dar.


I just loved EVERYTHING about this: The “Hardcore Gangstar Gym” is between a hardware store and a German restaurant in Moshi.  The pile of shoes outside the door. The expression on the guy’s face, the size of those abs, maybe becoming a gangstar if one attends this gym.  Ummm. Africa rocks.




Some lovely places to stay around Arusha:

(Karama Lodge). Great atmosphere, nice service and interesting bushbaby calls at night. Some great little touches:

Perhaps both more to a girl’s tastes, but beautiful little dispensers in the shower cubicle and fancy table décor for breakfast. 

Lovely view of Mount Mweru from the lodge too:

More mountain views… best ever Kilimanjaro vision

and Mount Longido, where we stayed over for Deon to do some actual work in the field.

We both enjoyed this space a lot and will come check on the workers here quite often!

I spent the time looking at birds, buds and blossoms.  The acacia trees are in bloom and I got to see whistling acacia up close.  Amazing creations!

Another amazing creation is this genurek.. ja, a genurek.

A snooty mix between a springbok, a camel and a llama, methinks. 

Also a gorgeous new bird lifer, with the rather uninspiring name of a red-and-yellow- barbet.  Or is the bird just so wow that one is too stunned to think of a better name?

So, back in Tanz.  We feel prayers from people helping us (you need those prayers in Tanz!) and we know that we have purpose here.  So we keep on going from one adventure to the next. Immediate next:  Let’s go see if our car is ready.




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