much. mucher. muchest.

6 09 2012

So much has happened since last I wrote, and so much is on my mind at this time, so this will be brief and more leisurely updates will follow when we get the chance.


*  Our house is being renovated: the loft room has been adjusted and a store room is being added to our loo room.  it  is already looking great, but the thatch, dust, clutter and extra legion of workers forced us out of our home for a while so we fulfilled a dream and went to

* look at the amazingly gorgeous God-gardens of Namaqualand and the western regions of South Africa.  We tented (mostly) and saw wonderful displays. More images will follow, but a prelude is to say if you do not do this trip at some time in your  life you are missing out.

* we got to have passing visits with some friends and family, who mean much to us. 

*Muchest:  My heart weighs incredibly heavy for our most dear friends.  A big part of their ministry is towards a children’s home focusing on girls.

house entry – I wrote of this place previously.  Just this Sunday we stopped by the house to say hi, and saw how the place is flourishing.

There was a devastating fire at the home last night. All lives are safe, but as these girls are so vulnerable already, such an event becomes so overwhelming to make sense of.  My own thoughts are filled to overflowing and I utter prayers throughout the day: for the leaders who must decide so much, for the girls working through yet another trauma, for all those who feel this inferno in some way.  Please pray for Baby Moses and our friends, Hennie and Anschke, as they process all the parts of this fire.


(Pictures from facebook page)

* We leave for Tanzania again on 16 September.  Much too soon, methinks.


When I can make sense of our home, my photos, my thoughts and the extreme cold here in SA right now, more news will follow in some detail.




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