just taking it easy (well, sort of)

17 08 2012

Sorry that we have been so silent!  We are still around, and have fallen in rather well with the prevailing philosophy of our area: the Slowveld, as the name has been localised from the more geographical term of the Lowveld (below the peninsula of the Drakesberg mountains).  We are loving the chance of doing things as we need, without too much of a rush.

In the last few weeks:

* We attended the choir reunion of the provincial choir I sang in while attending high school.  In the freezing cold, I sang my lungs out and Deon recorded a DVD for distribution of the occasion.  Such fun!

* We have been about the tasks we enjoy: I have been doing a good amount of art, and Deon has been working on geology work as well as editing the dvd for the choir.

* We have been walking and driving around the farm to learn a bit more and enjoy the atmosphere here while we can.

And enjoying some fireside companionship.

* We loved having our special friends, the van der Watts for a visit (Please do keep your promise and come again!) My aunts and uncle paid a very short visit too.  We love sharing the farm with those who come to visit: this place is great to share with others!

And we are getting used to seeing certain animal pals in certain places.  We look for individuals where we have seen them before: the impala groups in their spots, the korhaans around certain termite hills and our new buddies:  the leguaans or monitor lizards.

We have found two regular hangers-about on the main road, and love seeing if they are ‘in’.  Generally, though, they will be out: lying in the winter sun on a narrow branch. Our chaps (or chapesses) we see are rather small: only about 50cm long. They can be about 1,5m long, and have a tenacious grip. We have to keep rocks in the knots and hollows of our verandah’s logs as little holes are superb leguaan homes.

Generally leguaans avoid contact with humans. They eat small bush finds: eggs, rodents, little birds.  I just recently heard they have a small amount of venom so a bite from one will have to bee seen to by a doctor. The rumour is that they do not let go once they begin biting, so it is best that they do not get the chance to begin!

We are trying to figure out if beauty workers would like to work on these nails or not… substantial keratin there!

Within the next few days we begin small house renovations, so it may be a while before we post again, depending on how this process goes.

Blessings to you in all your ways.




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