Another week summed up in pics

30 04 2012

We are generally only able to get reasonably good internet when we come to town and sit still for a while at a restaurant, so I don’t really have time for a great blog this week.  Apologies.

We are heading to Tanzania for 6 months (or more?) in 2 weeks’ time – I will try to catch up on detailed blog when we are there. 

Here are a few highlights from the last week:

We had freezing and overcast weather (for the bushveld) from Tuesday to Thursday and the spiderwebs pulled out all their jewelry for display:

We slipped in a day’s visit to Kruger Park. Yes, even though we live in a game reserve, Kruger is still a great way to spend a day!

Some great sightings: wild dog (which are highly endangered) and a massive herd of buffalo – there must have been over 500. 

Zebras always show such character.  I hear the song “lean on me…’” here.

Deon’s sister and her girls came to visit for the weekend and we so enjoyed a chance to share our space with them.

Rusty started out well, then got a few ‘tatts’ and then stopped being such a great set of wheels!

T was particularly interested in antlions  ( I will write more about these fascinating creatures later)

And we enjoyed some great time around night bon fires

A few special sightings around our house:

Handsome nyala right near the kitchen window!  Night visitors: genets – 4 together on Saturday night!

And then some other pretty spottings on the farm.

(We saw this giraffe while walking and spent a good few minutes studying each other).

Sunsets are among the best in the world.

More detail will follow when I am not glued to the veld, looking for the next interesting natural phenomenon.




One response

1 05 2012

As a North American I am totally in awe of the animals you are surrounded by. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

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