a whole load of loving

24 04 2012

Isn’t it amazing that life is never straightforward, and that even when it feels like some things are going well, there are always other things that God is challenging a person in, or stretching some faith?  This has definitely been the case with me for ages.  God faithfully reminds us that He is good, but also that we are still works in progress: we will not be perfect before Him until we stand in His presence at the end of our lives or when He fetches us all.  Until then we are being moulded and shaped (ouch), stretched and challenged (urmmm) and encouraged and uplifted (praise Him!) Through it all He remains the sovereign Lord who does ALL things well.


We have not got good internet coverage on the farm at all, so when blogs are few it does not mean I have forgotten people!  It is just difficult to get the messages through. We have also been rather busy (as is usual for us!) and I like to set aside a good chunk of time to work on a blog and this is not always possible.


Right now I am sitting, feet up on the coffee table, in Mom and Dad’s home, on a Tuesday morning.  We came down from the farm to Jo’burg on Friday for a full weekend.  We knew of a few certain tasks: buy many little things not easily available in Hoedspruit, celebrate at my birthday lunch, and buy a car.  All these have been achieved most successfully.

We had committed a vehicle search to God- we need something practical and strong for the farm (my old blue Tazz is now really starting to get grumpy at being treated like a 4×4!) but also something comfortable and good for when our parents come to visit.  We searched online, stopped at various places in several town around Hoedies and all across Jo’burg.  We had put in an offer on a good car but I felt it was a little too fancy for who we are.  Yesterday morning Deon said he was starting to worry: we have a certain budget to adhere to and need something rather specific. 

On a whim we drove down a road, saw a dealership and stopped.  The cars on the pavement were too pricy but inside, waiting for us was our new golden dream!  It is by far the grandest thing we have owned and are so aware of God leading us to this vehicle.  we are reminded in so many ways of His faithful love for us!

My birthday lunch was so lovely.  The venue, the new Second Cup in Weltevreden, is superb for small functions and we had the ‘cellar’ all to ourselves.  The girls were playing hide-and-seek under the tables while we got to chat with friends we have not seen for a while: how special is that?


Birthday party 003

So with full bellies and glad hearts we head back to our bushveld home in luxury today.  We need tangible reminder of human love and God knows that – thanks to ravelry friends for packages and cards, family for treasured moments, our home church for being such lovely people and friends for being just great.  How amazing to be a part of His plan.

look for the delight in it




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24 04 2012

It is so nice to know you are starting to settle into your new home. Happy birthday a few days late!

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