changes. extreme changes.

10 04 2012

Apologies, first, for a lengthy break between the last blog and this.  Life has changed radically in the last few weeks and I was struggling to configure those changes before they occurred and infrastructure has not allowed for a blog since we have arrived at our bush house. 



Last Monday was a day of farewells… I hope.  I do long to see many of the precious faces again.  One of the awful parts of being in a missions environment is having to place such distance between hearts that have become close.  But the world is a much smaller place than it was 25 years ago and communication with friends is not impossible!

It took a lot to smile through this photo.  Stephanie and I just clicked and I will miss my American pal, with a heart for helping Africa, dearly. 





We SO enjoyed a special performance by the Mbale Mission School band.  This band is really good!  Deon’s comment was that he as heard a number of high school bands that sound far worse than this group of 7 to 11 year olds.  The tunes have rung through my head as earworms all of the last week… The vibes remain in my heart.

It was with very mixed feelings that Deon and I both left Mbale early on Tuesday morning.  We definitely needed a rest and a long time away from some very bad stress we had experienced but neither of us felt like we had achieved what we set out to do.  We had expected to spend 2 or 3 years there – we only managed one.  There were definitely feelings of failure, loss at being allowed to complete our aims, but we knew that situations beyond our control had forced us to make the decision to leave.  We still need time to process many thoughts and experiences from the last year.


Within all too short a time we were on the aeroplane back home… And then time seemed to drag for far too long! The 4 hour flight to SA can be the longest stretch of time imaginable!  and then Wednesday was a blur of organising, purchasing, greeting, packing and on Thursday we were off to our new home in the bush of SA! 

Our house is nestled between a few rocky outcrops, with an amazing view over the Transvaal Drakensberg mountains and after 5 nights I ma still pinching myself at the unreality of how AMAZING our God is.  To provide us with a place that is so wonderful and close to our deepest dreams is superb. 

There will be many blogs to follow on our experiences here, but here are some highlights so far:

First activity in the morning on the way out to the outhouse – looking for spoor to see what visited in the night.  We have had bushbuck, little wild cat-type spoor and a possible hippo visit, from what we can tell.

There are no screeching voices, no boda bodas or other engines, yelling past. No sirens. We hear insects chirping, silent winds and sometimes the humming of the Oliphants river as it makes its way through the small valley.  We are fine tuning our birding skills and are amazed at the colourful diversity in our own garden.  We try desperately to have fun in our game viewer (Which is not too easy – Old Rusty  Scrap is about as maneuverable as an ossewa/ oxwagon, being led by a span of oxen with ear infections.) … More on this vehicle will follow! We have been on some drives with him, including a great night drive date out at a dam tonight… fun as only the African Bush can provide.

We do not have internet access at all yet: one of the great anomalies of life in Africa is the ease with which one can get internet dongles and reasonably good service in Uganda, but we have not had the same experience here. Because of theft and companies wishing access to all our information, we just about need to donate blood, urine and stool samples to get a dongle in SA, after receiving clearance from the CIA and UN.  Perhaps we may accomplish that this year still.  Until then we shall try to find WIFI signals when visiting town – a good 1 1/2 hours away from home.  Ah.  The birds are becoming great buddies because we don’t need a cell-phone signal to have them here.

So, as I finish off while sitting on my stoep, a myriad of stars say it is time to go sleep.  We have an early start tomorrow to get several chores seen to in town.

Our large stoep is awaiting visitors and Deon makes great potjies… we will soon have a house ready to entertain.  But if you feel up to using an uithuisie, consider a visit where we can explain all the strange words to you in person.  There is a certain magic to the African bush that will win your heart forever.





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10 04 2012

I am glad you have safely arrived at your new home. I look forward to reading about your adventures in SA!

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