Weeks fly by like clouds of moths

25 03 2012

The last ten our so days we have been walking on clouds.  There has been a mass invasion of moths: large, rather drab individually, but the effect as they move from under trees or other places of shelter is quite dramatic! 

Unfortunately our moth book is packed, so I don’t know its identity.  When I asked about the feature apparently they are not an annual occurrence and their presence all over now is meant to bring good luck, or perhaps good rains.  The moths don’t seem to attract hordes of birds to eat them, and when I asked if people here eat them (as they do flying ants and grasshoppers) my question was met with a dumb stare! 

It has been fun having the moths about, and the only ‘bug’ about it is sweeping dead moths out of all the places they get into. 


Other events of the week:  Deon has been applying himself to reports and has completed a 74 page report, and several other ten page reports too.  The dear man is exhausted. 

I got to live out a dream, by helping out with a friend’s classes at a new university that has recently opened up in town.  LivingStone University is aiming to teach in a life-impacting way, and they have big aims for Uganda.  Laura had me teach her English writing class for 3 days, and it confirmed that this IS the age level I would love to teach.  The lessons were at  the WARMEST time of day, in probably the hottest week we have had this year, so the poor students had to work REALLY hard to focus on what was being taught.


A tremendous highlight was getting away for a night to Sipi River Lodge. 

How is this for the view as one wakes up in the morning?

I could see the falls from our bed… Ah. Bliss.

We spent a good amount of time snoozing on the patio, or snoozing on the bed – we are THAT exhausted that sleep takes priority above all else!

But did also get to see the birds flying around.  We got our first good view of Ross’s turaco, a real beauty – but they were too far for my camera to capture.

The food was delicious, the atmosphere beautiful, and the temperature a bit cooler than lower altitude Mbale.

We DID gather our energy for a walk to the base of the falls on the lodge’s property: so well worth some time spent in silent honour of Nature’s glory.



And there was a bit of time for animal cuddling (I miss pets – so much!)

This dog was undeniably the owner of the lodge, with prime seat ownership.  Here she had passed out after Deon stopped to play for 2 minutes!


But it ended too soon and back to all the realities of Mbale. 

The great achievement of today: getting our crate packed.  This is what we take back to SA, apart from our suitcases.  Not bad, after a year here!

And so, with just over a week left of this year in Uganda, I feel rather like one of the moth carcasses we find lying around.  A bit ragged around the edges, not much voema left to fly again, but we, at least, are still alive and flapping!




One response

26 03 2012
Truly Myrtle

Oh that view!!! WOW!
I am mighty impressed with your crate. Well done!
Enjoy your trip back : )

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