busy, almost crazy week!

17 03 2012

There has been a lot of packing, sorting and arranging this week.  That is enough to keep a person rather busy!  I have still continued teaching at the mission school.  I realise I am going to miss the kids a whole lot when we go!  Between completing another book report with M, checking a lot of grammar, handwriting and Math and trying to help these precious ones grow in understanding and in character, it keeps one busy. 

A is getting really tired of writing her name (at Grade 2 level she better get used to it – there are many many years of name-writing to come!)  – so I often just get her initials (AKS)= normal.  One of her many pen names – Paige, Brianna Murphy Louise (or some similar version)= creative. This week took the biscuit: Akabookyakowejee.  Really.  I tried not to pay attention to this in front of her as I hate to think what I would find next week!  A great thing with children is that one can ALWAYS find something to laugh at.

There are some things we are NOT laughing about.  We have not had any electricity since Wednesday some time – poor Gennie is working overtime.  This combined with very intermittent water flow for the week makes for daily frustrations, but we work through it all somehow.  Today’s temperature must be around 34C.  Sometimes nerves are rather frazzled! 

This was made clear when I knocked over a parked boda-boda  on Friday (it had to happen some time!) 

Bodas park in front of this shop and there is no space for a car to park.  On Friday two were parked end to end in the space for a car.  I had already been up and down the road, and this was the last space.  I hooted, nobody came to move bikes, and so I started trying to squeeze in.  Backwards, forwards, a little more, and… whack. 

Boda lost balance and toppled over.  I climbed out, and immediately the crowd began gathering around.  Some-one came and picked up the bike and I saw that the light was broken.  I tried to prepare myself for what could come: the boda-boda drivers are a tight community – they are known to stone ‘enemies’.  A guy came up, I had to start in a strong position (I still had in mind an argument two days before when some-one really lost his temper at me for pushing into a queue ahead of me.  My “rude” ‘excuse me’ had offended him terribly).   I asked where the owner had been, he said Bam.  There is a sign indicating parking reserved for Bam Supermarket clients.  OK… so he says he was in Bam – but came from a different direction.  I began by pointing out that it was very difficult to park a big car in a small space: bikes can be easily parked in a range of places.  He asked if I denied responsibility for the fallen bike.  I said, no, but I wanted to know how people with big cars are meant to park.  The crowd behind him was getting bigger and bigger by the moment.  Tension was rising.

As I was trying to explain, a totally different person came from another direction, started the bike, climbed on and drove off! 

I was most, most relieved!  Of course I was willing to pay for damages but it would be fantastic if ONE boda driver thinks a bit about others… Not very likely, but one can always dream!

A devastation of the week was the burning of another market.  There are 3 substantial markets in Mbale.  In September the big market was broken down to make way for a ‘better’ market, which is still being built and will probably only be ready in about 3 years.  Within a month Lorry Park market had burned to the ground one night.  fire at market (1)

On Wednesday night the market we get all our fresh produce from burned down.  There were certainly people who had lost goods in both fires.  Many people will be affected: the 1000+ vendors who lost their goods, most residents of Mbale will feel the pinch as prices of produce will go up and there is also the struggle of beginning, yet again, for so many.  It is heart-wrenching to see people trying to pick up the pieces and go on again.

More positively, we have had some great visitors this week.

This gorgeous BIG leaf insect came by.  I am amazed at how well designed these things are:  see the detail on the back of the wings so that he looks like a leaf starting to die, for brilliant camoflage.  What an awesome Creator!

This dude sat still with us throughout breakfast one morning.  The geckos usually disappear as people emerge.  I love their designs and this one has spikes too. Wow!

Deon has been hard at work- hosting a visitor for work most of the week as well as finishing off huge reports that need to be written.  A break after this will be SO well deserved.

I finally finished a painting I began in October or so.  I really miss being in an art class.  My techniques need a lot of practise and doing art all alone is just not fun.  One of the first things I am planning is to join up with an art group at our new house.

I also finished an embroidery project I have wanted to do for a while.  This one was such fun! 

As I finish off each task it is great to be able to tick off a project, pack or sort an item to be given away or sold… Life is about ticking off lists and completing a number of tasks right now.


It is great to have seen how God has answered prayers for others this week, kept us safe and healthy, AGAIN, (He is so faithful!) and taken care of us.


WOW!  Right now the worker has come to say our electricity is back on!  After hours of them working on the line this means that fridge can get in some good running time overnight and if the water plays along we may just have a hot bath in the morning!  YAY! 




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