birds on show

14 03 2012

We have been enjoying the birds God is delighting us with.  As we eat breakfast out on the verandah, and sometimes we are there for lunch too, we sometimes see as many as 15 species within a few minutes.  From the little bronze mannikins to the ugly maribou storks who sometimes fly over, the range is candy for the eyes. 

Our regulars include brown (Meyers) parrots, sunbirds (scarlet-chested, coppery and red-chested), red-cheeked cordon bleus, starlings, red-eyed doves and common thrush. 

Deon got out the big camera and tried to capture a few beauties: I hope you enjoy the show! 

Birds- garden 023

Birds- garden 059

Birds- garden 113


Birds- garden 130

And every now and again we get visited by the squirrel, who may (or may not) sit still for longer than.75 of a second to give us time to get a picture! 

Birds- garden 021


And for today I want to send a big birthday hug to my daddy.  Thanks for being who you are.  I love you! 




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