When I’d rather be THERE than HERE

8 03 2012

Can you remember the feeling as a kid, knowing that a holiday is in 12 sleeps’ time (or similar) and it just cannot seem to come quickly enough? 

That is our feeling now.

My heart is in that state of preparation for leaving, excitement about being at our new house in South Africa, but getting everything for NOW done well remains my primary need.


The challenge is coming to me, over and over, to enjoy where I am now.   It can be so easy to get carried away by dreams of the future that I lose out on the blessings of this moment.  There is definitely a reason why we are staying until the beginning of April (Although Deon wishes to climb on the ‘plane tonight!) and so I pace my packing, planning and preparations to fit into that time frame.

I am trying to drink in the moments of Mbale that I will miss when we have left:  The exquisite flamboyants, lining up in glitzy greetings each morning; the various moods of Wanale Ridge throughout the day or nuances of climate; the parade of sunbirds, parrots, starlings and hamerkops visiting in our trees each day, and the blessing of a great rain shower (which is now occurring more regularly.)

The hardest  part I am preparing for is leaving some people who have become so dear over the last year.  Deborah, our Korean neighbour’s singsong chats; the eager waves and seeing the development on the students at the Mission school… I will miss these.  I already miss the ladies’ Bible study on a Thursday afternoon: this time to share in faith and pray for difficulties has meant so much to me.  Most of all, I will miss my dear friend Stephanie.  I have not had this kind of friend for a very long time, and although often it seems like we have shared in difficulty rather than sharing in joy, just knowing of her concern and care has made our time here so beneficial on a soul level. 

It is necessary to remind myself to grab every moment of NOW, as there will be moments of missing and longing in the future.  There is enough of tomorrows to enjoy that then! 

And when my bushveld longings become overwhelming, I spend time on the net.

This site is so great for getting a good view of the wild: zulucam link (there are even sounds of the bush!  AH!)

Or go through the forums and webcams of SAN Parks, especially trolling through Kruger Park’s pages as this is very near to where our house is.

So, on to more packing and sorting.  Or maybe I will spend a few more moments scanning some wild animals or bushveld…




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