things bright, beautiful; creatures great and small

4 03 2012

The last week saw us all sighing in relief and admiring the first rains of the season.  We had two really good downpours here in Mbale.  It is quite a bit later than places west in Uganda, and we stood in wonder at how rain brings so much joy.  The cooler air, settling of dust and welcome water for all things vegetative all lead to such gratitude. 

School has been marked by a few odd experiences: it began on Tuesday with a rooster in the tree next door, which is the property of a nursery school.  From the rooster’s height it seemed this was the safest place to escape noisy 4-year-olds.

He was pretty high up, and eyeing us all; probably figuring how long he had to live on each side of the brick wall. 

Of course our children were amused by his presence (with a bit of his crowing to egg on their calls) but we left him in peace and had a good laugh.


Two days later when we arrived… the frangipani tree must seem like a pretty good place to be because there were two more chickens, even higher than the rooster had been, and a TURKEY!    (by this stage we were all suspecting fowl play.)

At break time the birds had all gone, but it definitely got the kids a bit ruffled for the day! This may seem rather poultry, I know… but we look for fun where we can get it here! 

Other creatures near home:

This beauty visited in our garage.  He can be noted for his size.

That phone is the OLD nokia brick, which is about 17 times bigger than most other phones in use now, to give you a good sense of how big the moth is.  (Deon refuses to give up the phone- the battery lasts so long, it does what a cell phone should, and I think archivists will start contacting him in a year or two to supply museums… and he laughs at us because it is NOT a phone many would want to steal.  It serves for good ribbing regularly!)


The girls have had a bit of fun at school this week, making up their own games. The school has decent swings and playground stuff, but the most fun can be had from one’s own inventions.  Grab a hosepipe, throw it over a tree, tie it around bodies and spin, twirl, swing and laugh in delight.  Easy! And such fun!

Young J always compliments me on my clothes, and directed my photo shoot into her class for a few moments.  Her smiles delight me daily!

And then the sweetest bliss of the week was a night spent at Rainforest Lodge, in Mabira forest.

It was mostly a chance to put our feet up after a lot of stress, but we also had delightful food and were amazed at the spectacle of nature around us.

over 500 species of trees and shrubs.  Over 900 species of butterflies.  And then the fun of well-behaved monkey (no, really!) and reptiles too.  We needed this!

Now back to the usual and a bit of a busy time.  We are packing up (and selling off some items – our camping tent, washing machine and car, among others, if anyone in Uganda is interested!) and still continuing with all the usual busyness of life here.

I am holding thumbs that this will load. If is does not you will have to learn an African skill: PATIENCE. A ship’s anchor landed on the fibre-optic cables that manage our internet all over Eastern Africa and internet is terribly, terribly slow.  If pictures do not load I will try again in a week or 2. 




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