a few school days

9 02 2012

This week has given me the chance to help out a little more than usual at the local MK school.  It is such fun to be challenged by younger minds and to be instructing young brains a bit more.  My body is not used to full days in the classroom: my back was aching after yesterday’s bending, twisting, kneeling, bowing…

Here are some shots of the wacky, fun, talented and delightful bunch we teach.

As you muse over the photos, please think of ANYBODY you know who may want to commit to giving some time to missions teaching- the school really needs some more teaching bodies and minds! 

A few weeks back one of the gals was in  a Prairie state of mind…

can you see why we were glad that only lasted a day??

Now we are back to class and lessons

M1 hard at work on Greek myths and writing book reports.

And then a bit of fun with a scavenger hunt…


We had a load of fun with thinking up what happened to cause pain to this poor little bunny:  (note coloured black eyes and sympathy note!)

Typical kid humour saw them just about rolling on the floors as they shared with the class:

He went to the graveyard and had a run-in with zombies.

He fell in a giant meat-grinder

He saw a fluffy bed but it was a dog.

He lay on the ground but the ground ate him.

He fell on a rose bush, was attacked by radish, met up with various star wars characters…


And lots of time for play. It is great to watch the big age spread – from 4 years to 12; and the mix of nations: American (mostly) with a bit of Palestinian and South African-Ugandan in the mix too all getting on really well.

colors of Mbale 097



Snack time, where peanut butter gets licked out to the very last morsel:

and some little bodies hate to be caught on camera (so they hide under tables, or look away dismissively)

It was also fun to note the difference between girls and boys. 

colors of Mbale 126

And I just love the school dogs.  It is fun trying to guess this one’s new position for the day:

Music practice has happened alone this week (as opposed to practicing as a band)  and hearing the progress is fun!

And sometimes birdies send packages that get a nasty response!


So, some moments that make up days, that make up weeks.  And time goes by, children learn and grow and gain insights.  It is a huge privilege to be a part of that!




2 responses

9 02 2012

Aaaah I so enjoyed reading this!

10 02 2012

How I would LOVE to come over and teach! In a couple of years my husband will also be a teacher, maybe then we can both come over! 🙂

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