all the colours of Mbale

7 02 2012

It is dry, often windy and oh so hot here now.  But always, always, God gives us something to look at and be stunned at.

In the rainy seasons the waterfalls all over the ridge keep us mesmerized.  We only see a few trickles now and the sun must catch the ridge just right for the ridge to be considered glamorous.  But now it is the time of THE TREES!

Everywhere we go, within the last week, the flowers have just about sprung out and the streets are looking gorgeous.

Multicoloured bougainvillea adorn trees and walls.  I love the mixed colours on this wall we see at one of our favourite swimming jaunts.

While not as splendid as the displays seen in October in Gauteng, the jacarandas are looking pretty in purple, and they add to a lovely multi-hued carpet to walk on.

I HAVE A RED BARBERTON DAISY!  This thrills my heart as I love these rays of sunshine.  And also in our own garden:

They may look tiny now but soon our tree will be covered in ripening MANGOES!

Perfectly shaped at about 1,5 cm, these glistening green gems are heading for bellies! Yum!

There are spiders that love the idea

of the mango tree too. This is part of a nest about 45cm to 1m (I have not been close enough to check) which must house some very serious arachnids.


We leave them in peace if they leave us alone!


There are avenues of these trees around a certain part of town that are simply splendid!  From what we can figure out this is stereospermum kunthianthum, known here as Ndebeza trees.  The gorgeous pink blooms cover the trees with not a leaf in sight.  The sunbirds flit between the blossoms, some rather territorially.  I am sure they enjoy the trees as much as we do.

Along the rainbow spectrum to red:

Since I was small I loved flamboyant trees ( Delonix regia) The name, sounding boastful on the tongue, to the long pods used to play sword fights and now the clear ostentation across the streets of town delight me without fail.  I am trying to choose where the best example in the town is: near the market, this one I pass on the way to school, the one near the high court, or the less extravagant example in our own garden…  I shall choose to love them all!

A few non-floral colours:


This amethyst sunbird chases all others from the feeder: this is HIS territory when he deigns to eat at our ‘table’.

I LOVE his shine and dazzle!

Not a great photo but this is one of the very few visitors to our water feeder.


As best we make out it is a greater honey guide… how special to have him here with us!





I also love all things lizardy, and this friend at the Elgon swimming pool makes me smile.

And the last colour we just LOVE on hot, dusty days:

Pineapple and passion fruit juice, freshly juiced.  AH.

So all the greens, purples, reds, pinks, yellows help to make up for dried grasses and dusty roads.   Just great.




3 responses

7 02 2012

The “dust jackets” on those mugs are GENIUS! 😀 I can’t wait for things to start blooming an turning colors beside, grey… Thanks for sharing!

10 02 2012

Wow, those are some spectacular pictures! They make me want to drop everything and visit immediately–and I live in southern California, so it’s not like I have dirty snow everywhere.

Thanks for sharing!

10 02 2012

The colours can fade so quickly – so if you want to visit come SOON! The pinks are forming carpets, and flying all over in wild winds: things in Africa change very quickly.

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