22 01 2012

This has been a rather challenging week overall: root canal treatment (ouch), floods across precious parts of the world, Deon has had the usual daily challenges. One of the most difficult things for me is that I have parted ways with the group that I had been affiliated with for teaching knitting and discipleship. This means we have no venue for classes. Prayers for what to do next would be gratefully accepted!


In all of this we seek glimpses of grace; signs of God’s kindness despite a world in flux.

Amazing gifts of creation on our verandah: look at the intricate camoflage!

And the jacaranda trees are still carrying their purple presents of beauty.

We are totally enjoying the chance to swim regularly – it is hot and dry and the two hotels nearby have great swimming pools where we can pay a bit and go cool off.


Yesterday’s visit was accompanied by loud music as preparations were made for a wedding reception – see the marquees, flowers and paper shreds decorating the background?

What really grabbed me was a Dad who brought his little child along to swim.  This little one was rearing to go even before he was dressed in his swimming gear.  He bobbed and splashed, dipped and kicked: delightful.  His dad was totally involved in the experience with him, which was great to see – not all dads are so hands on! 

The great delight was to lean over and dunk his head into the water to see the splashes.

It was a tangible reminder: enjoy the splashes of joy in what is otherwise a cesspool of life… there is always joy to be shared in.

And this one is my favourite photo of a long time.  Ah! Delight!




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23 01 2012

My sympathies about the root canal treatment. Dentist visits are never fun. I hope you are able to find another group to teach knitting to. It is such a great thing to be able to pass on to other women. The pictures are adorable!

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