6 01 2012

I am so sorry I have not posted in a while – we were rather busy the last few weeks and were often unable to get to the internet.  So this is a little bit of a catch up.

We are back in Mbale, Uganda, by God’s grace.  This trip back we were fully aware of what we are coming back to: the typical romanticism of the expat’s first few months having worn off and the glaring difficulties lying ahead.  It is also still a challenging time with Deon’s work, so we know that we are completely dependent on God’s grace. 

The last few weeks in SA were filled with family gatherings, a few shopping trips, good visits to restaurants and more family gatherings.

nadia bw



With Deon’s family, we tend to stay in mostly and eat good home made food, laugh a lot, and the girls tend to keep us all on our toes. 

I love these nieces or ours, N and T – so totally different in character and full of life. 

It is amazing to think how they have grown in the 4 years since I have known them!



Then with my family – many more faces coming in and out, but we got some great time with just us too.  My brother Andrew is visiting from Sweden too and we had our fist Christmas with all the kids in years – such fun!

We are blessed with nieces!  So it is girly frills, tinsil, crafting packs as gifts all round!  B is beginning Grade 1 this year – a momentous event in a child’s life in SA.  One of the huge moments is getting all dressed up in a school uniform for the first time.  School begins on 18 Jan; B was all ready to go on 3 Jan and spent most of the day in her uniform!

There is nothing like the sight of hundreds of 6 year olds, all in brand new leather shoes, in various states of letting go from mommas and poppas on the first day of school.  (and seeing those same moms and pops in tears too!)


The first day of school is a momentous time- normally grandparents will be along for photos, but I can’t be there for that event this year… so we had a sneak preview!

And all too soon we are back in Uganda!

Some changes:  it is FAR dryer here now than when we left!  The degrees have risen steadily and we are constantly interested in the next cool drink, the next swim, the next fruity treat.  The array of delicious fruit at the market is great!  (I can see a steady diet of fruit salad and smoothees dominating the next 3 months!)

What is the same: crazy boda-boda drivers, potholes in roads, persistent vendors at the markets, calls of “Mzungu"!” helpful workers around our home, bird calls and electricity outages.

Some other changes: the girls from the orphanage have moved! There was some disagreement and they were forced to leave – I will try to locate their new home to continue with knitting.  We miss their smiles, calls and laughter! 

Our first butternut is just about ready, and the oven is almost ready for use.

The hamerkop (bird) nest-in-progress near our bedroom is developing into a manor.  We see the constructors carting in more building material and wonder when they will stop!  We have also got a watering point up for the birds, as things are so dry.  We hope to attract lots of life to our yard! 

Wishes from both of us to all of you for 2012.  May you have a year dripping with evidence of God’s grace and kindness.




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