Gatherings and blossomings

23 12 2011

This week has been busy and a bit unusual for the week before Christmas.

We have packed all our things from where it was all being stored, in the garage of our previous home.  The house has been sold (totally miraculously: the housing market is in a slump at the moment and in the same area other places are just not selling.  Our place sold when the agent was banging in the board on the pavement – God REALLY cares about His own!)

So goods are now spread all over for many to use and some things are in storage until we have a home space that is a permanent base again.  For now we are between several spaces, but are SO excited to be a big step closer to a dream fulfilled:

We have signed the papers to buy our house in a game reserve, in the Limpopo province of SA.  Since we have been together we have dreamed of a nature-surrounded house, with a big stoep (verandah) and lots and lots of trees.  Our new space is about 200 m from the Oliphants river, with amazing mountain views.  The living space needs a bit of work but the reserve is lovely, and has tight security.  We have a water feature to attract animals to drink and are surrounded by the awesomeness of creation.  I cannot stop myself from thinking, saying and singing it – God is so mind-blowingly beyond us and it is an amazing blessing to know His favour.

house stoepIMG_0139


As soon as we get to being at our spot for a while I will have a lot more pictures of the entire reserve and all that it offers.  There is so much to experience and live for still! 


Besides that (which has taken up a lot of head space and a bit of time!) we have looked at flowers – blooms are rare in Mbale – the humidity and sun don’t work for many of them!

And hung around A LOT with family.  How amazing to have special people gathered from all over the world to enjoy life with.


Blessings for Christmas – but I hope to send a blog your way tomorrow too with some special thoughts for the days of celebrating Christ.




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