the South African bushveld has my heart forever… and ever…

18 12 2011

You will probably see the term bushveld here often.  It refers to a unique biome in SA. ‘veld’ is from Dutch, which has influenced Afrikaans extensively.  There is a ring of the word ’field’ in it and it refers to open spaces, typically grassland.  Bushveld is the amazing space God created for us South Africans to really enjoy – trees of various sizes and shapes spread across open grasslands in differing constellations and it is the type of vegetation I really love.  The amount of birdlife is vast, there is usually some shade to relish on a hot day and the trees are cummings-like: full of leaping greenly spirits.

We had a few days of rest in the Hoedspruit part of SA’s bushveld.  We stayed on a game farm, in a lovely chalet, with massive rock outcrops jutting into the air, and awesome bushveld views to admire from the bedroom window.  Just what the soul needed.

Getting internet access has been a little difficult in the last week, so here is a bit of a catch up.  We spent last Sunday night in Entebbe, at a guesthouse overlooking a part of Lake Victoria.  We were treated to a most glorious sunset

We don’t always get a full view of sunsets from Mbale, so this wide open view totally grabbed our attention. 

We also got to spend a few hours with my new friend Abby – by pure chance we were flying out of Entebbe within a few hours of each other, so we cloud catch up on the few months since we had seen each other and provide a reasonable way to spend the time without being bored in an airport! 


Of course, catching up on Good African Coffee and a bookshop was also fun and knowing that we were putting work aside for a while was a rather difficult mental space to adjust to.

On reaching SA, all we wanted to do was SLEEP!  But we managed to get in a bit of time with Deon’s mom before setting out on Tuesday for ‘Hoedies”, as the locals call the town.  If you are in SA for a few days and want a town where there is lots to do, this is it. So many game drive places, animal rehabilitation places, private game reserve places and even a few fishing places.  Good eating places around too!

So, from a perfect bushveld getaway, we got to:

Enjoy good bonfires and luscious bush rainstorms

take a step closer to fulfilling a dream

delight in lavish landscapes

appreciate the splendour of a magnificent Creator

Just drink in all the bush flowers (we don’t see nearly so many in Uganda!)

see more of the wildlife we love

This was a particularly amazing spot – always one of my favourites in Kruger Park, near to Satara camp.

I took this as a panorama, but wanted to explain – far left under a tree was a group of ten lion. The spot near the back is a big elephant bull drinking.  Near the front right is a pod of hippos.  Far to small in this picture are the baboons, geese, waterbuck and zebras in the background.  Kruger is not like this always, but at moments like this… AH.  Too good for words.

Here is a bit of a closer look at the lions:  (they were far so camera battled)

enjoying slow mornings on the verandah with coffee, good rusks and lots of birds to keep the eyes busy

who could resist a swim in this wonderfully cool pool on a hot African day?

And more totally awe-inspiring sunsets.

I am soul-ed out to the bushveld!  (even more so to the Creator of the bushveld!)




2 responses

19 12 2011

Beautiful pictures! You are so blessed!

19 12 2011
isaida aka mami dearest

Wow – what an adventure!

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