week gone by and packing

10 12 2011

I had wonderful pics to share yesterday but both Deon and I have been so bone weary it has taken much to gather strength for all we need to do. 

I wonder if this protein seen for sale on the street this week would have made much difference?


(I only had my phone, which is not great, and had to pay for taking these pics too)!   Those are GRASSHOPPERS!  Sold in wound paper cones, or by the cup, these are great treats for people in Uganda, and have been around in abundance for a while.  This man sells them for UGX 6000 a cup – about $2,50. 

No, I did not sample them, even roasted as they are here.  To mee, they look good going down in these: (This was at Entebbe hotel on the way back in from Dar es Salaam).

There were many grasshoppers around, and the monkeys were very quick to catch them and down them.  It made for great entertainment: seeing monkeys climbing trees and shaking leaves for grasshoppers to fall out and gobble up and eat.  Even the tiny one got into it and loved the food!

Where did it go?  So tough to see the green of the body in all that grass…



Great to know that not only people look bad in foodie shots!






So, perhaps as a result of lack of grasshopper protein, we have to direct our energy wisely! We have en\joyed a bit of Christmas spirit – totally recycled wreath (cardboard and fabric scraps from one of the seamstresses in town) and poinsettia from our tree in the garden – it is looking wonderful and we don’t have to do much to keep it going!) 

There has been quite a bit of sunshine the last three days and we last had rain on Tuesday, and it has been great to enjoy the benefits of drying washing, less muddy roads and the birds appreciating the sunshine too.  We love watching the birds which have now learned that we put out food in the mornings.  They devour our offerings and offer great joy by their presence. There are sometimes 8 bulbuls eating at a time!   (Some more pics at the end)

Garden birds 078

I have been sorting and trying to get some of the ladies’ knitted goods sold in town.  I have far too many phone socks to sell ANYWHERE.  But at least I know the ladies can make those now!  I will have a few items to sell in SA, and am trying to think through the best ways/ places to sell things.  But it is my greater wish that the ladies will learn to sell themselves, hence the business skills classes.

wanale lights 032

wanale lights 034The sunlight has been dancing on Wanale Ridge- and we are not yet bored with watching the beauty and wonder of the ridge. 

And then just enjoying the garden a bit.

Garden birds 111

woodlands smallGarden birds 127

Garden birds 055Garden birds 058

We are SO looking forward to a bit of a break.  It seems that our energy is totally UP.  We head out to SA early Monday morning, and are going to a wilderness area for a few days. Then lots of time with family, and we need to pack and store our (sold) SA house too. Ah.  Much still to do this year!






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