5 12 2011

That is the sound of unexpected events.  Yesterday all was going merrily and then – k-whaaap!  This morning I woke up with a pathetically excruciating headache, which eventually pushed me to see a doctor – the first thought I had was malaria, as there were a few other symptoms that seemed to fit the picture. 

I sat waiting for about an hour.  Wait.  I hunched over, grasping my head for about an hour.  Besides the pain and nausea, I was really uncomfortable with the sounds around me: crying babies, who just kept on wailing.  I felt so helpless but also realised these little bodies have no other way to deal with the pain.  When I saw the good doctor I was immediately taken to a room to lie down for a while, given a shot, blood was drawn and pills brought to help with head pain.  Soon I was swimming among the clouds and it was fiiiiine up there! 

We could not figure out what the cause is, but I feel much better after a day of taking things slower, and the meds helped too.  Prayers from family make a HUGE difference too! funny-pictures-orange-meh-cat


I think my Ma feels like meh-kitty too:  She had two skin cancers removed today and it is not much fun.  Please would you join me in praying that this will be the last of them, that the cuts will recover well and that there will not be bad scarring.  (one cut is on the lip and will make eating difficult.  Pray for a way to manage that too, please.)







And then – a big K_WHAAAP , WELL DONE, WINNER!

Kate’s comment, #1, was drawn by dear Deon my DH.  A parcel of Ugandan goodies will be on its way soon. 

Kate is a buddy from a special group of people on ravelry.com, the knitting and crochet community that I belong to.  Kate’s gorgeous ravatar is included here – so pretty. 


Please comment when you feel you have something to add, suggest or if something here makes you think differently.  It means so much when people interact across the screens of colour.




3 responses

5 12 2011
Kate Sanderson

What fun!

The ravatar is pretty and I love fall in Canada. Right now, I wish it would hurry up and get COLD. We’ve had miserable rain for weeks,snow is much nicer.

6 12 2011
Allan Sutherland

Is that cat supposed to be me with the scew lip? That’s exactly what I look and feel like today 😦 Itchy lip, swollen and sore but I know that I’m mending. Thanks to you anbd your friends for praying fr me. Glad you’re feeling better too.


6 12 2011

Sorry to hear you have been unwell. I can’t imagine facing the constant threat of malaria. Take it easy!

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