jewels and geology

4 12 2011

I knew very little of the world of geology before I met Deon.  There are so many people from the world of education, several in medicine, but no geologists.  There are so many times that I am so amazed at how well Deon just KNOWS what he is doing:  He can give a glimpse at a rock and get a really good sense of what is happening with the contents, minerology and a bit of confirmation with equipment usually proves that his hunches are right.  I have learned a good amount about this world since we have been together and I am always eager to learn something new. 

There are several benefits of being married to a geologist:  Rocks are more interesting the older they get… my substance should fascinate him more as I age too!  The fun thing that I so love is getting to travel with Deon when that is permitted.

We got to spend an amazing night at an old diamond mine last year, as an example.  This was a space in the middle of the Karroo in SA: dry plains, with a multitude of stars gleaming in the night, and experiences to spark imagination for months to come!


There are times that I have seen diamonds soon after they have been retrieved or a few other gems, although these are not the common minerals Deon goes in search of.


A little while ago I got to see the magical impact of Deon’s work on the imagination of others too.  The main mineral Deon is investigating at the moment is vermiculite… not one of the glamorous gems, to be sure, but it can still be fun!

Vermiculite is found in ‘booklet form’ – flaky pieces that can easily be separated.  It is shiny, but cannot be used easily for jewelry!  The main use is for industry: heat and sound insulation among other uses, and the way that most people probably come across vermiculite is in a garden centre as it helps to improve soil’s water retention and fertilisation. 

Vermiculite is usually expanded by heat before it is useful.  And even a candle’s heat can show some of this expansion, so I took some with to school a way ago so that the children could see vermiculite.  And the surprise of the day was that the one most interested in this rather uninspiring mineral (compared to gold, platinum or silver) was B!  She took a big piece to admire, and tried to expand her pieces in the heat a few times over.  Soon After break there was time for writing and, a girl after my own heart, B jumped into a topic that related to seeing the vermiculite:

(See the chunk of vermiculite on the desk, there in the corner?)

Some excerpts from the story – This would be my best day ever.

I would be working in a mine and I found many jewals. Good heavens! I’d say.  I never thought I’d ever get this many jewals! I would say.  I got 1000 jewels!  … I gasped. “Calirupus gems!  I am takeing these home…!

This story delighted me.  The joy of making a new name (don’t Calirupus gems sound gorgeous?).  The delight of new discoveries.  The great exclamations – so thrilling.


How I long to be so delighted at finding God’s ‘jewals’ all around every day.  The blessings of 1000 gems that there may be, waiting to be found.  The delight of sharing these with others, in many ways.  Good heavens!  There is so much to be delighted in, and one does not need to be a geologist to really grasp the value that there is.


Jewels I am thankful for today:

#203 – Getting a bit of time to relax on the weekend.

#204 – Dreaming, realistically, of a house in the bush

#205 – Friends. 

#206 – Going out for coffee with a friend, just for friendship sake, for the first time   in   years.   (I can’t say how grateful I am for Stephanie!)

#207 – Electricity for most of the weekend.

#208 – Sweet spot of sun AND electricity for a bit to do washing.

#209 – shiny things that make life pretty

#210 – Looking forward to home trip in a week!

#211 – God’s grace over our families.

#212 – Calirupus creations.

# 213 – joy of Christ’s coming; over and over and over.




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7 12 2011

Thanks for sharing. I love #204; however, at this point, it is not realistic for us (YET)! Waiting on the Lord. His timing is perfect!

Jumped over from Ann’s 1000 gifts

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