just a bit of friday fun…

2 12 2011

Heading into the weekend is always a bit of a relief.  Although Deon continues to work, he forces himself into ‘lighter duties’ mode – and does give a bit of time for RnR. 

At the moment he is really feeling torn… quite literally!  With all the water about he slipped down some stairs yesterday and did a but of damage to his hand and thigh area, so we are working together on taking it easier than usual (although he IS at a business meeting right now – for the fourth night this week!).

But we have had great sunshine for several hours today, and there is power at the moment – both rare events this week. 


I saw this idea on a blog I often follow – http://www.chrissiegrace.blogspot.com/ and thought it looked like fun.  So here is my submission to stick away in memory books.  (I have no guarantee that this will be a regular feature on my blog, but for today it is fun!)

right now (@ Dec)

If you want to send me a link to your own ideas for a “right now’ list, I ‘d love to see what you come up with. 


And remember the Giveaway taking place on my 100th blog, from 1 Dec.  Draw on Sunday.  (Comment on THAT blog entry to get a prize.)




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4 12 2011

That does look like fun! Did you copy something from the other blog, or do this on you own? Is it done on the computer or did you scan a page that you did by hand?


5 12 2011

I downloaded the link from Chrissie, then wrote using the program/ site she suggested – picknik.com. Great site for photo edits and additions – really fun!

6 12 2011
Allan Sutherland

Feeling : Sore
Wearing: casuals that are comfortable to sleep in too
Wanting: To never have cancer on my face again
Needing: A holiday
Eating: soft, mushy food only 😦
Drinking: Water through a straw
Thinking: This too shall pass
Loving: Reading Karen’s blog. You inspire me Karen. I love you.

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