children’s smiles in the mud. And a GIVEAWAY!

1 12 2011

This is our 100th Blog post!  Whoohoo!  Blow the horns!  Celebrate and jubilate!  Or you may totally ignore the monumental moment and let is pass you by.  Whatever.  But there is a bit of a jolly jolly giveaway – see the end of this blog for that information.

For now – this week has gone swimmingly.  Well that’s what it feels like anyway.  The rain has poured throughout the week and there are pools of mud everywhere.  And we have not had much electricity at all this week – so I am swimming through a haze of petrol fumes of the generator.  I am beyond grateful for the generator, hooked up to our power system now so it is easy to switch from one to the other.  The geyser is not hooked up so warm baths have not happened swimmingly – but we have a good, dry house, washing machine for muddy clothes and hosepipes to clean dirty feet.  So much to be happy for.

Yesterday was graduation day from preschool at Rainbow Nursery School.  There was much pomp, ceremony and waiting, as is befitting of a good African celebration.  (I arrived at 9.22, as the invitation said the Graduation began at 9.30.  The people setting up the marquees and chairs arrived at 10.10. That’s how time works here – AST – African Standard Time). 

There were various items from the non-graduating classes, and a few speeches.  The rain stayed away most of the morning but when the graduands (as they were referred to during the day) were to perform and then receive their mortar boards the rain POURED.  Poor things stood singing under one of the tents, enjoying their moments of success.  Here are some pictures throuhgout the day.


Note some of the names of the children.  Pity the dear one called “Folish”.

The school choir consisted of every child in the school plus some hangers-on.

Blue class A sang and recited a few Bible verses.  I think the head décor is meant to be an African type crown.  It is quite certain that the rain helped to remove the crowns at the end of the show.  Or I do feel sorry for tender little foreheads!




Deborah, who is director of the school, is Korean and a few of the children showed us all some of the Korean outfits.  Such vivid colours and beautiful stitchwork!  This little one prayed a prayer to delight angels and shake heaven.  Amazing.

And all too soon the rain came down.  As the graduating class gathered and were dressed up, singing happily all the while, the crowds huddles to avoid rain drops dripping down our backs.

The luckier kids got the American church choir / baptismal looking robes.  The others looked a bit like clients at a hairdressing salon until hats and sashes were all done up.

The rain dried up enough to hand over certificates.  The parents were called forward and it was expected that the parents would give a gift to the graduand.  The idea is to make the gift-wrapping as shiny as possible and he who gets the biggest box wins.


Then photos were taken with all the Mammas and Pappas and littlies. 

A great deal of fuss was made over graduating from Grade 0 to primary school – and I had to wonder how many / few of these children would ever graduate again.  Many do not go beyond primary education here.  Perhaps all the fuss is justified.


Today I was back at Mbale Mission School.  There was nothing special going on, but the children are preparing for a Christmas show – so here they are reciting Thackeray’s sage poem (“There lived a sage in days of yore,
And he a handsome pigtail wore;
But wondered much and sorrowed more
Because it hung behind him.” 
– such fun!)

And break time is becoming a bit difficult with all the mud about.


Can you guess who these delightfully mud-luscious toes belong to?


Here they are…


The girls in the class are really into mud!  The boys had spick and span feet by comparison – although staying totally clean for any one is impossible at the moment.


Here are a few more pics of these wonderful little souls – all to entice you and convince you…

Please consider coming to teach them.  Or support someone who wants to get onto the mission field to teach.  Or push somebody who teaches well onto an aeroplane.  We are trusting God for another teacher for the school.  Contact me for details.


And give me a high five! 

(or not!  M had stayed clean all break but on the way to class slipped on the muddy ground – it is VERY easy to do an ungraceful glide on the slippery mud (Deon fell rather badly today as well!) – and go he showed how the animal in him comes out. )


So. Let’s get to the celebrations! 

If you want a little bit of Christmas cheer from our town here in Uganda, just leave a comment.  The draw will happen on Sunday night (4 December).  It is just a small taste of this part of Uganda.  Delicious coffee grown on the slopes of Mount Elgon near Mbale, Ugandan loose leaf tea, a chain and earrings from paper beads made locally and a mobile phone pouch made by one of my own ladies.


Looking forward to sending this to somebody, wherever in the world you are. I repeat: to win, just leave a comment and your comment number will be entered into a draw.

Hope you will share many more blog entries with me!




5 responses

1 12 2011
Kate Sanderson


Pretty please?

(as for teaching in Africa – um – I’m a northerner. I’d melt. Seriously.)

Kate64 from Ravelry.

2 12 2011

What wonderful work you do! I’ll bet those children had a blast at their graduation. It’s also a great encouragement and accomplishment for them to celebrate.

2 12 2011

Congrats on your 100th post! I love the picture of the little girl in the Korean hanbok. When my now 24 year old daughter, adopted from Korea, was that age she had a hanbok similar to that.

2 12 2011
Allan Sutherland

Hi Karen, your 100th blog, and I’ve read every one , many over and over. You’re so special. Please tell your ladies that your cell phone covers are on their way to Australia, Sydney.with Bevan. The family were soooo impressed. They think plarn bathroom mats would be great too.

Love you tons,

4 12 2011

Congrats on your 100th post!

We’ve used those beads at Women’s Camp and at our craft and devotional morning and I would love to have more!

NewfieCatt from Ravelry

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