29 11 2011

Today here are some photos from various views I have been privileged to enjoy over the last 4 days.  Taking a look at something in a new way is so refreshing!

From the air:

KILIMANJARO!  What an honour to see this peak, the height of heights in Africa, peaking above the clouds.

Arid plains around Arusha (the plane landed for a short while near Kili en route to Dar). 

When I flew in last Tuesday there were numbers of dust eddies sweeping around the red-robed Massai men I could see leading their cattle in search of food.

When I flew back on Friday the groud was soaking wet and every little indent in the groud had a puddle.  What a change in 3 days!

I tried to capture a sense of the kraals / enclosures where cattle are kept: one sees many circles-within-circles as one flies across the landscape.

The coast of Dar es Salaam revealed the exquisite splendour this place has been gifted with.  Can someone help me describe the blue? The awesomeness of this ocean?

The yacht club and and a reef look almost surreal from above!

And then flying into Entebbe.  There is nothing of the amazing blue Indian Ocean but the immense Lake Victoria never ceases to fascinate me and I find myself wondering what it is like living on one of the thousands of islands in the lake. (Entebbe is also far more cloudy than Dar – we have been getting substantial rain, so that Arusha’s aridity seemed as strange as a trip to Mars!)

The plane flew fairly far inland so I could get a sense of the hills and papyrus swamps around Entebbe/ Kampala.

The next perspective is busy street life, end of the day, on Naboa Road.  Sarah had to get some things and I was the one sitting in the car waiting.  Around evening everybody comes out to buy, sell and meet.  These are common views around town:

Looking towards Wanale Ridge, then the opposite corner. 

Would you trust this butchery?  The meat is displayed on the ledge, in the middle of the picture.  Most often the meat is hung up and you choose your piece, have it hacked away by a panga and then pay.

Left is a good example of a boda boda – with passenger and bag.  This boda is carrying far too little! We have seen double beds, wheel barrows,3 m long planks,  tvs and up to five people transported – all sans helmet.

The fish had just been laid out on the table, and  a good bunch of matooke is visible through the legs of the table.  (matooke is cooked and eaten as a staple food).


Final perspective – ground level!  Our most welcome visitor today – the first I have seen in my garden:  Spike! 

He was rather rude and did not want to chat and visit, but I loved trying to get a sense of his amazing form.

How totally awesome that the God Who designed silkworms, spinning tender threads, created these fascinating rodents.  Spare a thought for hedgehog mammas who give birth! 

(I know, I know… the spikes have not formed yet… but that speaks of God’s awesomeness too!)

So – Bird’s view, man’s view and really low.  It is great to see so much in so many ways! 




One response

29 11 2011
isaida aka mami dearest

Wow! Amazing photos! And I agree God is pretty awesome in all He created!

found via Ravelry Blogging group 🙂

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