darling days in dar

27 11 2011

Tuesday morning, before the crack of dawn (in fact we heard the crack on the way) we headed off to Entebbe.  Leaving early in the morning is the best way to get to Entebbe and hopefully avoid the worst of Kampala’s traffic. 

It was thrilling to know that I would be seeing family, spending a few days in a different place and travelling.

The journey went well and the traffic in Dar es Salam delivered on its craziness – seven cars from different directions trying to squeeze into a single lane road… although two buses missed a crash by a squeaky 2 mm, all made it!  It was super stunning to be with family again and to hear Swedish gabbling out all over.  (This trip was a result of the genius of modern travel – Monica and her family went to visit her husband’s parents who are Swedish expats in Dar, and seeing as it is only the country next door (It only took about 15 hours to get there!) I took advantage of the situation. 

We left early on Wednesday for A beach resort just south of the city, crossing a bustling ferry along the way. 

Two amazing beach days lay ahead: white sands, gorgeous blue ocean water, vivid azure skies, ice cream drips, coconut palm trees… ah.  Littlest N stayed back in the city with his grandma and the 5 of us had this all fun:







All this on the beach, then exotic bandas (cottages) like this:


After a lot of relaxing, reading, swimming and chilling, we made our way back to the city and there was hardly time to put bags down before the children were in the swimming pool at Anita’s complex in the city, so there was time to play a bit with littlest N too.

And then it was all over far too soon and I was back at the airport before 6 on Friday morning!  There was a bit of excitement along the way as my bag decided that it had spent far too little time in Tanzania too and we had to spend an extra day in Entebbe waiting for the bag to arrive, but we have arrived safely back in Mbale and are gearing up for another busy week.

I have these memories to keep me going:

Lists of thanks were noted – grace on grace, blessing on blessing.




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