the little rat bites that could bring the house down

21 11 2011

The day started beautifully (especially for a Monday).  Made porridge for breakfast, did not get lunch packing confused, and all in a good time. 



Then had a good Bible study time, with extra reading time, and even shared it with this calming presence:

Then reality struck. 

We have been disturbed for a while with a clicking sound coming from outside the bedroom.  Sometimes once or twice or night, and lately far more regularly.  At first I thought it was a night guard cocking his gun, or striking the water tank just outside our room, but we ruled that out.  I thought it might be the Thai geologists in the flat taking a shower – but even they are not enthusiastic enough for 5 am showers.  It is loud enough to wake us, and really was becoming frustrating. 

Deon went out and looked, for the umpteenth time, early yesterday morning.  He saw the cause: sparking on one of the wires linked to an outside light was leaving a sooty black patch on the ceiling, and the wires were sparking.

We turned off the power to that line and  today the electrician came in to fix the problem:

Rats have been eating through the wires.  Just a few little mouths, with tiny tiny teeth that found plastic coated wire appealing to the appetite. 

They gnawed through the covers and exposed the threads of bare wire. 

Give that a bit of rain, a bit of current flowing through and you get sparking wires.

We are very glad that this did not turn into a fire, possibly burning down the house (it was very very close to ceiling boards and wooden frames.) 

Wires were replaced and fixed and it seems like all is good in the electricity department.

And then I stepped out into town.  A trip to the bank usually raises my blood pressure and today was the same: credit card for online transactions – application made in August.  SA bank statements brought in September (at their request).  Today I was told that the SA currency on provided statements does not tell  the credit office anything… exactly what I asked them about.  More arguing, requests… argh. 

Then driving around the block (A few times) to find parking at the supermarket, as I was pulling into a space (eventually) a big transport cart was moved right in front of me and the mover drove off leaving the cart where I wanted to park. I had  to wait for goods in the store, coming out to another parking-related irritation… it was one of THOSE days.  Power was sporadic, things did not go magically and happily.  This continued on the way to class: the road I usually take was blocked off by a fence and policeman carrying a Big Gun  and I have to take a bumpy detour, camera ran out of batteries at start of class…


Now, I know none of these things are huge nor are they worth losing sleep about.  “Don’t sweat the small stuff”, my brother would say.  But one little thing on top of another on top of another… it wears me down.

Like little rat teeth, gnawing away at my patience, long suffering and stealing my longing to display the fruit of the Spirit.  Song of Solomon says it is the little foxes that ruin the vineyard.  Just the small things, and in plural form, that come in and chew away at the insulation, exposing the raw wires beneath. And the sparks do fly. 

As I began my class today I knew that I was not fit to teach others how to be like Christ.  We were learning about Jesus casting the demons into the swine.  There is SO MUCH in that story:  and I saw myself like the village people.  Those who did not say, WOW, Jesus, you can take a man possessed by thousands of demons and release him totally.  You have such power and you are worthy of praise!  (even the demons acknowledged Christ’s deity, where the village people did not.)  No, the village people asked Jesus to go. Maybe they were concerned about the financial loss due to the destruction of their pigs.  Maybe they were wary of Jesus omniscience – they wanted to hold onto their demons. 

May I never be like those village people, chasing the Redeemer from my life.  How amazing to have the testimony of the man released, who even though he wanted to go with Jesus obeyed Him and stayed behind in his town as a visible reminder to others of Jesus’ total liberty.  Luke 8:39   – He went about telling all of what Jesus had done for him.


And when the rats start chewing, switch off the frazzle-pop source, change the wires and fix up insulation.  Crawl deeper into Christ.  Seek His guidance.  Trust His grace for each situation.  And continue telling others that it is Christ alone that enables our freedom.


Thankful Monday:
#134  We still have a house, and that nothing disastrous happened.

#135 Thunder rolling against mountains in the night time.

#136 Safety on the crazy roads.

# 137 Learning lessons as I teach

# 138 chances for refreshing. 


Oh ja… I will be away until about Saturday and computer is staying home.  Looking forward to some wonderful beach time in Dar with my cousins from Sweden  – LOADS to be thankful for in this opportunity! 




One response

23 11 2011

That’s the perfect analogy isn’t it? Little rat teeth eating away at you until you finally break.
I hope you have a wonderful time at the beach!


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