When Oh So Tired

19 11 2011

Just rest more! 


I realise that I have been silent here for a few days, but both Deon and I have got tired minds and bodies.  There has been very little chance for true rest for Deon, even on a Sunday, and we try to grab a few hours of rest when we can.

A term I heard this week, in dealing with a school learner with special needs is “adjusted expectations”.  There is a set target that must be reached, student wants to do totally zilch, but both sides compromise to reach a new goal.  I am now in my own phase of “adjusted expectations”.  There are always about 763 things that I still want to do in a day, but my body simply will not co-operate!  My mind lags even further behind. 

So I figure – God does not expect me to do every single craft thing I want to.  And I can simply lie and read for a bit or lie cuddled in Deon’s arm, and it is necessary for resuscitation of goals and targets… they can be adjusted.  There are too many experiences of my body forcing shut down by becoming ill – that is just not smart. 


So as soon as body is a bit better recovered (few days away next week with cousins in Dar should help! YAY) there will be more posts. 

There is a strong realisation that right now we are where God wants us to be.  God wants me praying for these friends, these students and this tribe and nation for now.  But warriors need to be rested too.

So a small artistic inspiration to share some close moments with One who really cares to listen this weekend.  And be blessed by the One who loves you so much HE just can’t take His eyes off you!

so let us come near...




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