So what if things don’t turn our hunky-dory?

14 11 2011

One of the projects I have been busy with for the last week or so is a pair of house slippers for me.  A delightful surprise package for me from Yasmin contained real wool – wonderful stuff!  And now that we have a washing machine there was just one thought in my mind: FELTING.

I scanned the web for patterns for what I wanted and did not find a pattern so I modified the closest  pattern I could find.  I did not use the wonderful gifted yarn – this is FAR too experimental!  I had a few balls of wool that I brought from SA, and used a bit of that to create these slippers (with the aim of never getting lost in the house the colour is so bright!)

The wonder of pure wool is that it felts – shrinks and binds together.  So, yes – I know these are a little big for me. I was still filling hopeful, eager…

And they FLOPPED!  (I guess they should be called flip-flops now?) 

Although the binding worked well, the shoes will never fit my feet.  I have been wondering at some options… should I advertise them on Chinese Ebay?  I think I will pass them along to some girls here for dress up, or similar.  (The machine ran the cycle for 3 hours – just too long!  They were meant to shrink about a third in size.  This shrank about half.  Oh well.  As long as I can learn from my mistakes!)


After a great few days of just taking it easy at home I am feeling a bit better.  All the aches are over, now the bug must just work its way out of the chest.  But I am pretty certain it is not Malaria, or similar parasites.

It was a rainy and rather miserable afternoon today and class attendance was low.  I was looking forward to the lesson today:Jesus calming the storm in Luke 8.  A great deal of theology here tends towards prosperity teaching, and it is preached that believers should live victoriously, in abundance and prosperously.  So trials are seen as almost demonic.  I used the chance to point out that while the disciples were with Jesus the storm came up.  They were not doing anything wrong… the storms are a part of the journey.  And Jesus pointed out the need for the disciples to keep their belief in Him.

It is reassuring to know that we are not promised plain sailing; John 16:33 says that we will have trouble.  But with Christ in the boat we can smile at the storms!  Perhaps, like my felting, the product that emerges after the hectic wash is not exactly what I had imagined it would look like. But there is still a use.  And, always, it is about His purposes, not mine.

Little Hadijah spent a bit of time around me as his Mama was working today.  This littlie is independent and persistent – he was scuttling all about the floors and is perfecting the new technique of climbing up against objects.  I loved how he clambered over me as I stood trying to capture his footprints in the sand. 

Look at the grip on my skirt.  Look at his feet climbing on mine. 

How about THAT kind of faith in the storms?  Knowing that the Great Big God is with us, and whether He stills the storm or walks through it with us, He will not push our clinging hands away.  He will always love and let us walk in His grace and care.


And then I got this pic of Hadijah.  I just had to include this here… doesn’t it look like the typical one charities would use to raise money? 


This is just a typical expression from Hadijah.  He is contented, serious, well-fed and quite healthy!  I don’t ask a thing for him.

Except prayers.  Pray that Hadijah, and all the other littlies in Uganda would grow up with a wise, mature understanding of faith and that they will be faithful fruit-bearers and storm-weatherers. 


Thanks for today:

#90 – quiet weekends for recovery

#91 -blessings of sweet package from Sweden, from my dear bro.

#92 –Comfortable climate when family in Joburg is sweltering

#93 –Picking up tailoring that looks well done.

#94 – multi-hued fabric scraps to stimulate creativity and hopefully generate income.

#95 – Generator working when power is off.

#96. – Family care when ill.

#97 – sweet smiles of babies.

#98 – being able to teach in so many situations

# 99 – Cari.  What an amazing support link that God provided!




4 responses

15 11 2011

I am glad to hear you are feeling better! I have my own failed project I plan to blog about next week. Too bad about your slippers.

15 11 2011

Love Uganda! Went in March and going back in April (not soon enough). Hadijah is adorable!

16 11 2011

I just found your blog….what a lovely post. The little in the pictures is absolutely gorgeous. I’m sorry your slippers failed, but I’m sure the next pair will turn out just the way you want them to.

16 11 2011

Loved walking through your blessings, Counting with you..

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