Are we getting somewhere?

8 11 2011

It feels like I managed to get a reasonable amount of stuff done today, despite no electricity for most of the day (I felt rather powerless about it all, really!).  I took some things for tailoring that have been ready since about May, did the runabout required to buy groceries and fresh produce, wrote and posted off a few letter, started putting things together for Christmas packages for the neighbour girls and my class ladies and painted base coats on paper mache things we may want to sell. Days like this feel rather good!

There were a few conversations with friends along the way of the difficulty of working with the local people, particularly in Christian environments.  It may be cultural differences but if people are all working together the focus should be on Kingdom culture: how does Christ expect us to behave, especially when entrusted with stewardship: things, money, and most especially, the lives of people.  Please pray for those working here, that the working relationships would be successful, co-operative and productive.

My class ladies are thrilled.  They are knitting away  merrily  and I believe they are making great progress.

The target pieces: something like this set – a little vest with a nappy soaker.   (I like to start small and get bigger – they are eager to make jerseys, pants, etc, but this design is a little better suited to the hot weather here, and most ladies should be able to get this concept done.

Here they are hard at it:











And a bit of detail:

There is much effort at detail, working carefully, and of course there is always a good bit natter that goes on in the knitting class.


A new development today was the beginning of training skills in business development, money skills, savings and loan schemes and similar skills.  I am so grateful to have met Cameron from Maple (Here is a link) who has sent the delightful Christine to come and give our ladies a whole new set of skills. 

The aim is to allow the ladies to take care of themselves without having to depend on foreign support.  I cannot wait to see how they are going to use the skills they are acquiring… where will they be a year from now?  ten years from now? It would be amazing to know that they have set their families on a course for stable living, and being able to take care of all their needs without worrying.

(Below:Christine and Cameron get to know the class).




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