why a ‘Christian’ country needs lots of prayer

6 11 2011

The need for focused, directed prayer for Uganda has hit me like running into the back of a still elephant this week.

It would be amazing if you could ask our Father for a few, or all, of these matters.

Uganda seemed to wow the world recently by great improvements in its Aids statistics.  We believe that this is not really an improvement, but statistics being blurred by the incredibly rapid growth in the population.  In the last 15 years the population has trebled.  One scary statistic is that every woman has on average 7 children.  The problem is that the economy and infrastructure cannot deal with this many people.

An article in yesterday’s newspaper stunned me.

young multi-dad

























There was a photo on the front page of the 28 year old father sitting for Primary exams (that’s grade 7, I think) with his 14 year old son. Did you see the part in the intro: at 28, he has 8 children? This situation is very typical here – without a decent education people cannot adequately provide for their children, and don’t realise that  having fewer children is often a smarter decision for life… the cycle grows viciously, and more and more people are suffering.

We have had a lot of rain here in the last few days. This has caused severe flooding in several parts in the east of Uganda.  Crops and homes are destroyed and families cannot easily recover from this trouble.  There has been a lot of land degradation due to deforestation, and the growing population affects land use too.

Another issue that boggles my non-financial brain and has left people here reeling is the severe economic situation of the country. Another snippet from yesterday’s paper:

interest rates



I was particularly struck by the figures at the bottom of the page: the inflation rate for the last month rose to over 30.5%.  That affects everything.

The prices of fuel rise, food costs are becoming impossible for many people and desperation is not a good way for people to live.

The thought of getting a bank loan is impossible for the greatest number of people here.


Another issue that needs deep prayer is that the believers will truly live godly lives.  Lying, theft and other worldly behaviour is all too common among those who call themselves saved. Chatting with a missionary friend yesterday revealed that the area we are in, among the Bugisu, is particularly bad for such trends.


I so long to see this country living to its full potential.  The natural beauty is amazing, the climate is wonderful, and the friendliness of the people is heartwarming. But unless the Lord builds the nation the people strive in vain.

A true seeking after God, living sanctified lives before Him, will always change the heart of the nation.  I long for this for Uganda, situated so centrally for an effective spreading out of God’s work across all of Africa.

Please pray for this Christian country.  That it will not just carry the name, but live Christ-transformed, from the lowest to the highest, that God’s Kingdom would come in this nation.




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