some things that bug us

4 11 2011

I apologise for the very weak pun in the title.  But it is late Friday afternoon, the power is out, and my mental lights seem dim too…

A friend who has become very special to me here in Mbale, Stephanie, has a dreadful rash across her body.  She flushed a wooly worm away from her body at school on Wednesday and by yesterday had a very bad rash across her torso, spreading down to her arms and legs.  The itch looked awful.  By today she was nauseous and feeling really bad. 

Between Stephanie’s caterpillar frustration and a visitor to our porch this week, I was reminded (if there was any chance I had forgotten) this is the real Africa.  with bugs. Bad ones.







I am not sure what this dude is called (he was not very talkative) but he was SCARY.  He is about 10cm long, was flapping against the grills of the mosquito net loudly enough to get us off the couch and did you see those pincers?  He looks like a scorpion!   We only stayed close(ish) to him long enough to get a blurry picture (I did chuck a few REALLY blurry ones out!) . He just LOOKED dangerous, sounded threatening and we wanted him far away from us.

There is a link to the next topic.

There has been a great deal of sadness in Uganda at the death of Gadaffi.  By the end of last week these calendars were being sold on the streets in our town. There is a range of options to choose from, but this one quite sums up the gist of them all:

Gadaffi spent a lot of money in Uganda: building mosques, supporting communities. The newspapers quoted Museveni (Uganda’s president) as saying he died bravely, a hero. 

The little box in the middle, centre says this:

Which does not say too much.

The poster that I would NOT spend any money on, even less than the dollar of the one above’s cost, was one which has collage pictures of a dead Gadaffi  and a bold heading yells “THE DEATH OF THE KING OF KINGS”.

Each time I see this heading I shudder, but then I am reassured within my spirit.

I hear Handel’s Messiah blaring through my brains as I write this: “King of kings, FOREVER AND EVER, and Lord of Lords, forever and ever…”

Exodus 15:18 and Revelation 11:15 proclaim that God will reign forever.

In the vision of Christ as the rider of the white horse it was written on His robe “King of Kings and Lord of lords”. (Rev 19:16)  Anything else is untruth.  Anyone else is a fake.

And My Lord has conquered death.  He lives eternally.

My prayer is that people across the world who have not yet learned this will come to truly understand it.

So. We try to stay away from the bugging things. When we can’t we KNOW the ultimate truth. And the Truth endures forever.  (thank goodness bugs will not.)




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