thursday thinkings

3 11 2011

It is almost at the end of another busy week.  Life continues – Deon has had a few successes this week but probably more setbacks, but he keeps on going.

I have been teaching the MKs – busy little bodies, eager to rush ahead to the next thing… always teaching that we need to live in this moment, and do the best we can for this task at hand.

Again, several people are ill with malaria – Mike, our garden helper, Abby, a friend serving in Soroti, and several workers in Deon’s job.  Two new babies made arrivals for class students, but all I know is they are home and happy.  More are on the way – one to a young girl of 19; and this is her second child.  I have come to realise how important the classes are for some people: Shina has chosen to stay here, away from her family (who are in Soroti) to be able to attend the classes.  Prayers as I look for places to sell the latest goods would be appreciated – this is all that some of the ladies have to live on.

I have been leaning on Jesus with all that I am.  I know that He is more than capable of holding me up, and will lead us where we need to go.

He is always faithful.  Some art from this week is a reminder.

underneath small




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