1 11 2011

This is just a quick update of a few of the day’s products.

After a night of steady rainfall the waterfalls on the ridge looked amazing today.  I enjoyed the view of the rocks from class – again – they continue to fascinate, amaze and remind me of the Creator’s care.

It was great to teach the MKs again today after a two week break.  Having to find creative ways to keep butts in chairs and brains in gear is very good for my own grey matter!

Deon did elevation surveys today, taking advantage of the overcast weather, and got good results there.  Any good report is worth clinging on to from his side!

In class this afternoon the ladies showed off their Uganda beanies.   They are doing very well in their knitting and I hope to find places to sell their goods here in Mbale in the next few days.  For some of the ladies this is the only income they will have from any one. 

The ladies ‘ooh’ed and ‘aah’ed over the magic of fusing – my own real first efforts as we are trying to design our own new product. Fusing is using waste plastic bags, ironed together, for various projects.

Of course, we have to have our own way of doing things here. We have no electricity (or water) at our class, so we have to make other plans.  I do not think too much other fusing happens with one of these: this iron is quite heavy, opens from the top where we put in charcoal and then fuse from there! Place plastic between ovenproof paper, and hold the iron over the plastic for a while.  We need to refine our process a little – the iron was too hot, and we gave some charcoal to a neighbour to heat for us… such are the joys of working in the middle of Africa.  But the ladies were suitably impressed at the first efforts and hopefully will try even harder to keep plastic packets from ending up in a junk pile somewhere.


First products – little money holder baggies created in seconds-minutes (the woven one on the right took a bit longer than the bread bag on the left.)


I hope you have something good to show for all your efforts today.




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