Some monday graces

31 10 2011

Do you ever get the feeling- you know you are being carried in the prayers of people?  There are far too many moments to count when I have been aware of this feeling.  Today I feel it too.

Things have not all magically got better – but the awareness of God’s grace to get us through is stronger.  Thank you to those who are praying for us, and for this place. Each prayer is heard by a gracious Father and makes a difference.

Some events from the last few days:

Delicious chocolate pudding/cake, baked on the stovetop… chocolate can make all things good!

Successful trip to acquire goods for ladies classes and for noticeboards – there is much creativity in progress at the moment and updates, photos, links will follow as soon as I have a bit more sensible FOs to show for it.

Great time of prayer with the ladies as we started class today. With second language speakers it takes a little more time of preparation (we wrote down all the words on the board and explained things carefully before starting to pray). 

God has been reminding me that when we MAGNIFY Him (the Afrikaans speak of ‘making His name big’ – so literally beautiful) all other things become smaller.  God lives in the praises of His people and we draw near to Him.  Praising Him in prayer reminds us of the immense power behind us in each situation. 

So a practical way to praise Him is to pray through all 26 letters of the alphabet, with and adjective of praise for each letter.  God is ALMIGHTY, BEAUTIFUL, CREATOR God, etc.  It is a great way to fill up time on long journeys, standing in queues, waiting on streets, etc.  The same concept can be used to pray through your friends. 

This prayer pattern worked well and the ladies wrote the words down into their class books> If they can pray through Lugisu words that is great too!

I have been reading through Ann Voskamp’s book “One Thousand Gifts” since we arrived.  I have been taking my time :it cannot be read as light reading before sleeping but requires mulling over, note taking and meditating throughout the day. I have not been writing down the gifts, as she suggests, but have been alert for God’s ways of gracing me throughout days. This morning I did feel compelled to write down a few more, so here is my list for today. 

#38 Birds gathering to eat the food we offer. (10 bulbuls and 5 cordon bleaus!)

# 39 watercolour blue on doves’ foreheads.

#40 Intricately designed wings of moths

# 41 vivid blue morning sky

# 42 washing machine at work

#43 Messages from special friends in facebook

#44 Hope on a Monday morning

I pray that you will see God’s goodness to you through the rest of the week.




One response

1 11 2011

I’m so glad to read this post and to hear a more positive update! I am so amazed at how our prayers can be felt in an almost tangible way by others.

I really love the idea of doing an ABC for praising God, I want to do one myself!

I’ll send you some rav mail soon!

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