Difficulties and blessings

26 10 2011

The last few days have seemed to show how life is full of both: real troubles:  like very lazy workers, computers (with specially designed templates) ‘crashing’, work being done incorrectly and having to start from scratch and a few other things. My dear husband is having a very rough time of it and I spend a lot of time praying him through.  A good break would be so welcome now but that is totally impossible in this very pressurized job.  There are also several little difficulties that irritate – when all taken together I can sometimes feel so ratty!  The boys at the market who stand outside my car door as I park and are totally peeved that I will not buy their Irish (potatoes) when I have several kg at home, the people who do not believe in standing in queues, but shove in front of you (at the supermarket, at every store I go into… the abrasive manner is rather difficult to respond to with sweetness!) … there are just days when it gets a little too much to handle.

But then there are wonderful gems of moments along the way too.

This gent on his boda-boda (there is a motorbike there, I promise) we saw around Jinja town.  His load is made up of those light corn-puff salty snacks one can buy.  At least the landing would be soft if he were to fall! 


(Shopping in Kampala is always great.  There are several treats available in the big city that we cannot find here, and it is wonderful to get some new art materials or treats for the sweet jar.  We also got a WASHING MACHINE on this trip – amazing luxury! )

I have been looking for a particular kind of basket for a while, and I heard Kenyan ladies sell them.  I was a bit late for class today (another irritation arose!) and I dropped Sarah off to wait for the others and quickly went to look for a new knitting project bag – mine was coming apart at the seams.  I did not find what I wanted but as I was heading to the car I saw a Kenyan basket seller with great baskets. I bought 2 (with aforementioned Irish seller present throughout, still urging me of my desperate need for potatoes). As I was selecting my colours I saw that the seller had little reading specs… totally AMAZING!  I have been trying to help Mary, my oldest student, who really struggles to read our class notes (her arms were just never long enough!). I bought one of the 2 pairs this lady had, in the hopes it would work. 

Mary is able to read a Bible, follow class notes and see working detail of stitches for the first time in ages!  When I arrived back at class only one student had arrived, and Mary only came in a long while later.  I was so glad she was there!  The chance to see her reading easily, taking note of detail, brought such joy – to her and the others in the class! 

As there were so few of us today we did not do literacy but worked on craft: we are presently working on a weaving technique using large plastic woven bags.  The item that inspired this used yarn/wool to weave with. We have started to use plarn (plastic yarn), which we intend to iron fast, and make purses etc from these.  Here are some of the effort in progress:

Little Mark was a happy-chappie today, and I had to try capture his smile (not as easy as it would seem!)

This is a very typical way for babies to be carried here – safe, cuddled on the back and it leaves hands free for the assortment of other items moms need to carry.

I am trying hard to keep it in my heart:Wallpaper-Nahum-1-7




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