in which there are innumerable photos of gorgeous kids (and some other stuff)

20 10 2011

Life is continuing quickly here in Mbale.  It seems that after August the year speeds up momentum, heading all downhill towards Christmas.  Sometime you just have to hold on tight and go with it…

I promised my friend, Deborah, that I would come present some classes at her school.  this is something I look forward to but also shudder at: nursery age children are not my specialty (and as I write this I am pooped-  they take a lot of energy to entertain!  Kudos to all parents and teachers of preschoolers!)   But I also enjoy inspiring a bit of creativity and getting out my inner drama queen. 

I knew the craft  I wanted to do first and then tried to figure the theme around that, and God gave a great verse just in time this morning.


As I taught it, acted it, memorised it, I meditated on it… how amazing that we can share in His goodness! 

Something that has blessed me over several years is God leaving His diamonds all over the place – like this:


or the glow of sunlight spreading diamonds across water’s skin, or multitudes of diamonds in shining eyes, or in the stars splashed across heavens in the night… if we just look we will see the diamonds there. 

Yes, the earth is FULL of the GOODNESS of the LORD! 

This was the crux of what I wanted to share with the children – to look for God’s ‘shiny little blessings’ all over.  And if you have ever seen fish dart about under water, catching the sun on their scales as they jiggle in the H2O, then you would know of their diamonds on offer too.


So we made fish, glittering and shiny.  (In endorsement of all things re-used and recycled, the idea for shiny came to me when I remembered that we had little squares of tin foil that Deon tried to use for geology, and they would not work for that.  So foil was cut up, lots of little edges of paper from class notes, old adverts from magazines, wrapper from printing paper, etc (even little parking stubs from town!) were cut up into confetti for fish-glamorisation.)

Here are some results:


Obviously, bling on fish goes down well.  I will not claim any expertise in handling preschool craft classes well, so I learned a few lessons to take with the next time – but I love the idea of getting God’s word into little hearts.


Can you see us all… with the actions:

The earth is FULL of the goodness of the Lord…


The school is set in a WONDERFUL place:

and is filled with beautiful faces.



(I got rather carried away taking photos of the highly photogenic little ones… if you want to buy some photos contact me to negotiate a deal…)

My friend who runs the school does a fantastic job.  Deborah’s love for the children is noticeable and she tries very hard to do what is right.    I thought a lot about the idea of the ‘little people’ as I was thinking of her today.  You know, the ones who are NOT the Mother Teresa’s, Billy Grahams or Rick Warrens of the world.  Those who do the daily grinding chores in unobscure little villages in Africa and India and Mexico;  those who are  from families and comforts the yare used to and who do not get the popularity and fame of so many BIG people.  Deborah is a ‘little people’, who is changing lives forever, I believe.

She is the only Korean living in our town – which is lonely already.  Deborah has been at this nursery school for just over a year.  She came to Uganda 7 years ago and has only been back to Korea twice.  She arrived not being able to speak English, so the English Deborah has learned is tinged with UganEnglish!  She is the only non-Ugandan working at her school and faces difficulties from many sources.  She is needing to buy facilities for the school – the owner of their present premises is selling the place for a ridiculous price. She does not receive much financial support.  She does so much in her own calling, always with a smile and with the amazing grace of a true believer in Jesus.  It would be awesome if you prayed for this dear friend, and if somebody wanted to send a letter or some delightful Korean treats (I know you ALL have some hidden somewhere…)  it would encourage this friend tremendously. 


So enough from me already.  If I don’t blog too often it is because I may be cutting up fish scales, or helping Deborah with English  notes or some other such creativity…




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